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MCT oil


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MCT oil

Product details:Medium-chain triglycerides oil,100% pure, natural



Country of origin:Hainan,China

Method of extraction: Fractionated process

Part of the plant used:Coconut

Main ingredients:Caprylic acid 60%,Capric acid 40%

Product Description

MCT oil is a supplement made from a type of fat called medium-chain triglycerides. It is usually made from coconut or palm kernel oil. MCT molecules are smaller than those in most of the fats you eat (long-chain triglycerides [LCT]). This makes them easier to digest. You can absorb MCT in your bloodstream quickly. This turns it into energy you can use. 


Benefits of Mct Oil C8 C10

1. MCT oil can help your body make ketones, an energy source for your brain that doesn’t have carbohydrates.

2. MCT oil is mainly used by people looking to lose weight, or boost their endurance during a workout.

3. MCTs may also have a part to play in helping to protect heart health by lowering cholesterol.

4. MCTs may also help to improve blood sugar levels and play a potential role in diabetes management.