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 The beginning of 1980: Alex Jiang started his activity in the world of essential oils.It began with the distillation of eucalyptus globulus branches. In mountains of Southwest China,Alex Jiang found a large area of eucalyptus globulus branches.

In the 1990s,Alex Jiang with his assistant went to Yili city,Xinjiang Province,China,and shipped about 50tons Lavandula anguistifolia to factory for distillation of lavender oil.Alex Jiang started long-term cooperation with local Farmers,helping local farmers set up lavender plantations. 

In 2000,another plantations were started, with the most significant ones being Clary Sage,Roman Chamomile.

In 2005,new factory and office were set up.This company introduced latest distillation machine,and Cold pressed equipment for the first time,vegetable oils including flax seed oil,boerage seed oil and grape seed oil. 

During the following years we have been pioneers in the cultivation of different aromatic plants They are citronella in Southwest China,Jasmine,Star Anise in Guangxi,Neroli in Fujian,peppermint in Anhui and so on.

After continuous improvement,Fengzu Biotech got since 2013 the ISO 9001 in quality.

In 2018, Fengzu Biotech obtained the Food Registry, producing vegetable oil in food grade.

Our unique is ceaseless improvement and expansion of plants,striving to offer 100% pure essential oils to every customer.

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