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Almond Oil

Almond Oil

Product details:Almond Oil,100% pure, natural

Aroma: Almost Odorless

Botanical name:Prunus amygdalus dulcis

Country of origin:Hebei,China

Method of extraction:Cold pressed

Part of the plant used:Nuts

Crop season:All Year

Constituents:Linoleic acid,oleic acid

Product Description

The sweet almond oil is extracted from the fruit of Prunus amygdalus dulcis.Sweet almonds are commonly used in gastronomy around the world and the sweet almond oil is traditionally used as carrier, in aromatherapy, in cosmetics and skin care because of its richness in vitamin E, B and minerals.Apart from these,sweet almond oil also can be used in Foods.


Benefits of Almond Oil 100 Pure

1. Used topically, Sweet Almond Carrier Oil can heal superficial skin burns, soothe dry and chapped skin, as well as skin affected by dermatosis, eczema, and psoriasis.

2. Used in a massage, Sweet Almond Carrier Oil can relieve muscular aches, pains, and soreness by relaxing muscle tension, tiredness, and knots.

3. Used in hair, Almond Oil slows hair loss, supporting the growth and maintenance of thick, soft, healthy strands. By reintroducing their natural protective oils, Sweet Almond Carrier Oil hydrates hair and the scalp to repair damage, dryness, and sensitivity.

4. Used medicinally, Sweet Almond Carrier Oil works as a soothing agent to relieve skin rashes characterized by inflammation, roughness, irritation, soreness, and a burning sensation.


Uses of Sweet Almond Oil

1. Blend 5 drops of Sweet Almond Carrier Oil with 1 drop of Jojoba Carrier Oil and 2 drops of Honey, then slowly massage it into skin in a slow, circular motion. Leave it on the skin for 10 minutes before rinsing it off with a mild natural skin cleanser.

2. A few drops of warmed Almond Oil applied under the eyes will gradually brighten them while reducing puffiness.

3. To enhance the body's overall systems, a blend of 90 ml (3 oz.) of Almond Oil and 5 drops of Rosemary Essential Oil can be used in a massage twice a week.

Adding 2 drops of Almond Oil and 1 drop of Rosemary Essential Oil to a natural shampoo can uplift the mood and naturally reduce hair loss by addressing scalp conditions that contribute to hair fall, such as dandruff. 

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