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Tea Tree Hydrosol
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Tea Tree Hydrosol

Product details:Tea Tree Hydrosol,100% pure, natural
Aroma: Tea Tree aroma
Botanical Name:Melaleuca alternifolia
Country of origin:Guangxi,China
Method of extraction:Steam distillation
Part of the plant used:Leaves.
Crop season:All Year
Product Description

Tea Tree Hydrosol is one of the most versatile hydrosols available. The hydrosol is a pure bi-product from the steam distillation of the essential oil, so it has many of the same properties and a plethora of more uses than the pure essential oil. There are many things that a pure oil cannot be used on, where the hydrosol can.

Benefits of Tea Tree Hydrosol:

1.Because of it antibacterial property, tea tree hydrosol can combat strains of bacteria, thus making it an antibacterial agent.

For this reason, you can pour some tea tree hydrosol onto clean cotton pads and dab on your face to destroy acne-causing bacteria. This hydrosol is great at deep cleaning the pores. Furthermore, it is a perfect cleanser to fight acne.

2.Tea tree hydrosol is its astringent property. Thus making it perfect for toning, for reducing large pores on the skin, skin tightening and for reducing oil excess on the skin.

3.Tea tree hydrosol is found in its anti-fungal property. Fungal infection that may result in skin fungus, dandruff, toe nail fungus and more can be treated with tea tree hydrosol. It can likewise be used to reduce itchy scalp spritz.

To get rid of dandruff and itchy scalp, just ensure to have a mist spray bottle containing tea tree hydrosol handy or in view. Simply apply the mist whenever you feel the itchiness on your scalp. Interestingly, tea tree hydrosol can be used even if you have dreadlocks or braids on your head.

4.Tea tree hydrosol has potent odor eliminating properties. More specifically, tea tree hydrosol can be used as mouth wash to promote a general healthy mouth. Also it eliminates bad breath.