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Lavender Hydrosol
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Lavender Hydrosol

Product details:Lavender Hydrosol,100% pure, natural
Aroma: Lavender aroma
Country of origin:Xinjiang,China
Method of extraction:Steam distillation
Part of the plant used:Whole plant
Crop season:May-June
Product Description

Lavender hydrosol has many names. Lavender linen water, floral water, lavender mist or lavender spray. Lavender hydrosol are by-products being produced through flower distillation. They consist of the aqueous solution remaining after steam distillation of lavenders and its separation from the supernatant essential oil.

Benefits of Lavender Hydrosol:

1.Natural lavender hydrosol has anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties.It is an easier and more practical option to deodorize and freshen up your home, car or workspace.

2.Although lavender essential oil is the most recommended when it comes to aromatherapy, lavender hydrosol is also effective, providing a lovely aroma to your bath. Using lavender hydrosol in particular will certainly make the most of your bathing experience, as it smells wonderful, and has a potent relaxing effect that may help soothe tensed muscles, relieve stress and also provides a higher level of moisture to your skin than the average bath foam.

3.Try using lavender hydrosol instead of your typical face toner. Due to its antiseptic and anti-bacterial properties, lavender hydrosol will keep your face cleaner over the course of the day, and will also give it a fresher, youthful appearance. Furthermore, lavender hydrosol is an excellent way to control the redness of pimples, keeping your skin as beautiful as possible.

4. When used externally, lavender hydrosol is excellent for animal care, as it helps keep your pet’s coat clean and shiny, help disinfect and heal wounds, and also washing infected areas. Make sure to keep lavender hydrosol within easy reach for emergencies, and your pets will really be thankful.