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Clary sage is good at dealing with female functional problems
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Clary sage is good at dealing with female functional problems

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For diseases and discomforts caused by stress, clary sage essential oil can be said to be one of the most relaxing essential oils in aromatherapy.

The relaxing effect of clary sage essential oil can relieve the spasmodic pain of hemorrhoids. In addition, its anti-fungal properties also have a special effect on vaginal fungal infections.

Psychologically, clary sage essential oil can relieve tension, bring new energy, stimulate imagination and creativity, and is a lubricant for enhancing the relationship between the sexes.

Clary sage is good at dealing with female functional problems, such as excessive vaginal discharge, menstrual regulation, PMS, backache before menstruation, etc. Some friends put essential oils directly on underwear or sanitary napkins. This is not a good method. It is wasteful and easy to irritate the mucous membranes. It is best to dilute with vegetable oil before applying.

Clary sage is susceptible to seasonal changes and affects its quality. It echoes with the female body whose menstruation is subject to tidal fluctuations. Therefore, in accordance with the spirit of "homeopathy", the dosage does not need to be high to deal with various problems in the menstrual cycle. Especially the emotional ups and downs.

Pure clary sage essential oil compositions

Ester: 65-80% (mainly agarwood acetate)

Monoterpene alcohol: 10-22% (mainly linalool)

Sesquiterpenes: 5-10% (mainly geranium)

Monoterpene: 2-3%Clary Sage Essential Oil price- Chinaplantoil

Oxide: up to 2% (Alinol oxide)

Sesquiterpene alcohols and diols: up to 1% (mainly carnosol)

Sesquiterpene oxide: 0.4%

Clary sage is a multi-molecule essential oil, which means that the physical and mental symptoms that can be dealt with are far beyond what is recorded in books or clinical reports. There are still many possibilities for us to experience and develop.

Just like its unique smell, it is soft and sweet to make people relaxed and pleasant, but it exudes irresistible charm. This is the complex effect of multi-molecules. In particular, "sulfur compounds" and "diols" determine the particularity of clary sage.

Sulfur-containing compounds, we can imagine from the smell of onion and garlic, it has a strong animal character, and has the characteristics of "motility".

Diol (Clary Sage Alcohol) is the key ingredient that makes Clary Sage have an estrogen-like effect and can improve various female functions and other problems.

Because plant hormones do not produce synthetic or environmental hormone harm. Diol will compete with these powerful hormones and even the hormones produced by the body itself for receptors, but after being received by the body, the effect is mild and will not lead to excess estrogen, but can reduce and balance it. Therefore, people with cancer of female function or excessive estrogen do not need to avoid clary sage, as long as it is used in a low dose.

Both physically and psychologically happy sage is meticulous, every girl should have such a super girlfriend!

Clary sage can also help smooth menstruation and relieve the restlessness of menopause and premenstrual syndrome, so it can smooth the liver qi, so it can be attributed to the liver meridian.

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