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Clove Essential Oil
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Clove Essential Oil

Product details: Clove oil, 100% pure, natural

Aroma: Spicy, warming but slightly bitter, and woody

Botanical name: Syzygium aromaticum

Country of origin: GuangXi,China

Method of extraction: Seam distillation

Part of the plant used: Buds

Crop season: November to February

Main constituents: Eugenol (85%)

Product Description

Clove essential oil is actually a spicy, warming oil steam distilled through the buds as well as stems of the plant. It’s strength causes it to be one to utilize with care as well as dilution, along with a quality brand can also be safe to cook or even baking.


Benefits of Clove Leaf Essential Oil

1. Clove oil is amongst the most reliable all-natural treatment for tooth ache.

2. Clove oil is additionally great at decreasing fungal infections like athlete’s foot.

3. Clove oil may be used to decrease infections, wounds, insect bites as well as stings.

4. The active essential oil within clove, eugenol, is shown to behave as a a highly effective platelet inhibitor, avoiding blood clotting.

5. Clove oil is wonderful for decreasing the pain and discomfort related to tension headaches.

6. Clove oil energizes the circulatory system, clearing the mind as well as decreasing mental exhaustion as well as fatigue.

7. Clove oil also benefits diabetes simply by managing the blood sugar levels.



Uses of Clove Bud Essential Oil

1. Add a drop of clove essential oil to the tip of the tongue when needed (dilute with raw coconut oil if it’s too strong).

2. Diffuse, make a room spray, or even add 1 undiluted drop to the cotton ball to place when insects come in the home, behind fridges, etc.

3. Diffuse when needed, or even attempt to add clove essential oil to homemade spray to kill mold spores.

4. For Diarrhea.Massage 1-2 diluted drops counterclockwise within the abdomen.