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What can patchouli essential oil be used for?
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What can patchouli essential oil be used for?

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Patchouli is derived from Hindustan and has a long history of medicinal use in Malaysia, India, Japan, and China. It can detoxify insects and snake bites.

Patchouli first appeared in European trade in 1826, and was then used as a fragrance for textiles. For perfume manufacturing, patchouli is one of the best retention agents. In India, China and Malaysia, it is used as a family medicine because of its exciting, refreshing and fever-reducing effects.

Patchouli essential oil is brown-yellow or brown-green, with an earthy smell. Patchouli essential oil is extracted from the patchouli plant and is generally distilled.

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The effects of patchouli essential oil:

Promote cell regeneration, enhance skin elasticity and prevent skin aging; promote wound scarring, prevent edema and obesity; eliminate lethargy and make people awake. In the perfume industry, patchouli essential oil is an indispensable ingredient because it is a good fixative. In aromatherapy, adding patchouli essential oil can also make the aroma of other essential oils last longer.

1. Patchouli fragrance oil anti-depressant:

Patchouli essential oil is usually used in aromatherapy for anti-depression, because after inhaling patchouli essential oil, it will stimulate our release of serotonin and dopamine, which can relieve anger and anxiety.

2. Patchouli amber essential oil reduce inflammation:

Patchouli essential oil has the ability to relieve inflammation, internally, it can solve the problems of arthritis and gout, and it can also deal with external inflammation, such as skin infections and allergies. Apply 5 drops of patchouli essential oil to the inflamed area.

3. patchouli essential oil prevent infection:

There will always be small wounds and sometimes serious problems such as tetanus. The antiseptic properties of patchouli essential oil mean that it can protect the skin from wounds and ulcers. Just rub 2-3 drops of patchouli essential oil on the infected area.

4. Patchouli oil essential oil help metabolism:

Patchouli is a tonic, meaning it helps the liver, stomach, and intestines. This will increase your ability to break down food and absorb nutrients, improve the digestive system, and help the body function normally.

5. Patchouli pure essential oil stimulate hormone secretion:

Patchouli has the effect of increasing libido and can increase the secretion of male hormones and estrogen.

6. Patchouli oil prevent hair loss:

Patchouli essential oil can stimulate muscle contraction, prevent hair loss or sagging skin, stimulate skin cell regeneration, and make skin young and healthy. Try adding 5 drops to facial cleanser or lotion.

7. Patchouli essential oil reduce scars:

Patchouli essential oil can minimize the scars caused by acne, wounds and measles, and can even be used for mosquito bites to speed up healing. Take 2-3 drops of essential oil directly on the hand and apply it to the wound

8. Patchouli essential oil reduce insomnia:

Patchouli essential oil is a tranquilizer that helps treat insomnia and can relax and calm the body and mind. Just rub 2-3 drops on hands and nose.

9. Patchouli essential oil is insect repellent:

Try to add patchouli to a certain amount of water to make a spray and spray it on every corner of the house. All kinds of mosquitoes will disappear without a trace because they don't like the smell.

10. Patchouli essential oil fever reduction:

Patchouli essential oil has the function of fighting colds. It can be applied to the hands, neck, and stomach to cool down.

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