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Three essential oils for relaxing
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Three essential oils for relaxing

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Relaxation contributes to physical and mental health.Relaxation is considered to be an indispensable part of physical and mental health, but stress and tension can be suppressed as relaxation required for physical and mental health. Relaxation depends on good breathing techniques more than others.A good exercise is enough to help you understand the various parts of the body with tension and pressure, such as "tightness and relaxation", which is a classical relaxation technique used in hospitals and by various therapists.

Which essential oils are more suitable for relaxation?

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1. The functions of lavender oil

The scent of lavender oil not only helps sleep and soothes.

In addition to its more ester ingredients, linalool also has an excellent anti-depressant effect, which can help us regulate and balance between work and mood.

Lavender oil can not only relax the mind, but also boost the spirit, help people who are exhausted to restore energy, and calm down the mood of people who are feeling stressed.

Lavender oil has a strong balance, which can help human beings to be relieved from extreme physical and psychological conditions and return to a balanced state.

The combination of chemical components of lavender essential oil has a strong aroma and has the characteristics of gentle regulation of various nerve conduction materials, especially serotonin. It is very helpful for acute and chronic pain, and depression caused by anxiety.

2. The role of grape seed oil

Grape seed belongs to the citrus genus, and its aroma is very pleasant.refined grapeseed oil manufacturers - Chinaplantoil

If you are not creative at work, you might as well fill the office with the smell of Grape seed to improve work efficiency. Because of the connection between the sense of smell and the limbic system, all essential oils are helpful and stimulating to the problem of brain degeneration.

Monoterpenes are also the most stimulating neurotransmitters. Among them, citrus essential oils are particularly contributors, and Grape seed is a typical representative.

Its synergy can enhance creativity and help the nervous system quickly adapt to changes and adjust its pace.

Grape seed essential oil has a fruity aroma, and the typical fresh and strong smell mainly comes from the small amount of sesquiterpene ketones contained in it.

Grape seed essential oil should inject life pleasure and a relaxing atmosphere for states such as lack of interest, exhaustion, and bad mood. It can promote the secretion of brain endorphins, produce the so-called "jogging pleasure", and exert the greatest kinetic energy or adjustment mechanism. , It has a good effect on many symptoms of physical discomfort.

3. The effects of rosemary oil

best Rosemary Essential oil - ChinaplantoilMany people know that rosemary can effectively relieve anxiety, in addition, it can also improve people's memory and concentration.

Rosemary has a strong fragrance. It is said that ancient Hungarian queens like to use rosemary in baths and ancient people believed that it can strengthen memory, so it is also known as a lighthouse on the sea.

When the outgoing ship loses its way, the lost sailor can rely on this strong fragrance to find the location of the land.

Rosemary contains clove oil alkoxides and is good at dealing with respiratory diseases. It is also suitable for the digestive tract and muscular system.

Rosemary is defined as a symbol of love, loyalty and friendship in Western culture, and its flower language is "memories".

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