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Lemon Oil

Lemon Oil

Product details:Lemon oil,100% pure, natural

Aroma: Fresh lemon, Citric

Botanical name:Citrus limonum (syn. Citrus medica)

Country of origin:Italy,Mexico

Method of extraction:Steam distillation or cold pressed

Part of the plant used:peel

Crop season:All Year

Constituents:Limonene, Gamma-terpinene

Product Description

Lemon essential oil is a completely natural ingredient that also serves as a home health remedy. It’s extracted from the peel of fresh lemons using a “cold-pressing” process that pricks and rotates the peel as oil is released.


Benefits of Lemon Peel Essential Oil

1. Lemon essential oil may reduce anxiety and depression symptoms.

2. Lemon essential oil can ease morning sickness symptoms.

3. Lemon essential oil can make your skin healthier.

4. Lemon essential oil can act as a pain reliever.

5. Lemon essential oil help you breathe easier and soothe a sore throat.


Uses of Cold Pressed Lemon Oil

1.You can safely use lemon essential oil by diffusing it or applying it topically.

2.To diffuse lemon essential oil, place three or four drops in the diffuser of your choice. Make sure you’re in a well-ventilated area, and limit your aromatherapy sessions to 30 minutes.

3.To use lemon essential oil topically, mix it well with a carrier oil of your choice.

4.Test the mixture on a small, inconspicuous area of your skin before you apply it somewhere sensitive, like your face. If after 24 hours you see redness or irritation, don’t use the mixture.

To avoid skin damage, make sure you wash off lemon oil before exposing your skin to sunlight.