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May women still use essential oil after pregnancy
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May women still use essential oil after pregnancy

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Is essential oils good for mother and fetus? Or is it harmful?

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This is a problem that many women who are accustomed to using essential oils often worry about, or women who have never used essential oils experience a lot of discomfort after pregnancy. The first reaction that people often have when using essential oils is recommended.

Essential oils have small molecules. After they penetrate into the blood circulation, they can also penetrate into the amniotic fluid through the placenta and be absorbed by the fetus. At the same time, they are metabolized by the mother. The role of essential oils will indeed affect the fetus and mother.

Guba (2002) believes that a stable pregnancy will not cause miscarriage due to inhalation or massage. Miscarriage may be caused by the use of essential oils only due to the two special essential oils of pennyroyal and parsley seed; there are also risk factors for miscarriage in the body of pregnant women, which may also be caused Miscarriage.

From the point of view of holistic adjuvant therapy, aromatherapy is a care method that is beneficial to pregnant women both physically and mentally during the whole pregnancy. In countries where complementary therapies are prevalent in the United Kingdom, the United States, and Canada for more than a decade, obstetrics and gynecology professionals listen to the worries of pregnant women based on care, and in order to solve their problems, aromatherapy is introduced as the main auxiliary treatment item, and essential oils are used by physicians, nurses, and midwives. To relieve the physical and mental discomfort of pregnant women during pregnancy.

There have been no cases of miscarriage caused by the correct and safe use of essential oils in pregnant women in clinical practice; however, due to the physiological characteristics of pregnancy and the safety considerations of essential oils, attention should be paid to the effects of essential oils that may affect:

1. Phototoxicity

2. Oral toxicity

3. Fetal malformations

4. Menstruation effect and anti-spasm effect

5. Elevating blood pressure

6. Inducing epilepsy

7. Drug antagonism

If you can use essential oils correctly, it can be a good helper!

Aromatherapy is recognized by the world as the safest, gentle and effective supplementary medical therapy. The plant essences contained in aromatherapy are very consistent with our human body's physiological and psychological functions. However, in Britain, the United States, Japan, Canada, etc., which are medically advanced and mature The country has long introduced the best effects of essential oils and massage techniques into the process of women's pregnancy to childbirth, helping countless women's positive emotions and health. As long as you pay attention to the dosage and choose the right essential oils, aromatherapy can be a good helper!

Which essential oils do pregnant women like during childbirth and after delivery?

In a survey of the fragrance preference of 101 naturally-born women, the preference was selected from five essential oils including lavender, sweet orange, rosewood, clary sage, and ylang ylang.

Lavender essential oil and others may anesis maternal anxiety

Lavender, sweet orange, rosewood, clary sage, ylang ylang and other compound essential oils for whole body aroma bath or foot bath are evaluated to effectively relieve the anxiety, anxiety, fear, worry and other negative emotions of mothers in the face of childbirth. The effective rate is as high as 96.7%.

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