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Can citronella oil be used on skin
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Can citronella oil be used on skin

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Citronella is mainly grown in India and Latin America. This plant ingredient is widely used in the cosmetics industry to manufacture and produce soap and skin care products. Citronella oil comes from the Asian grass plant known as Cymbopogon nardus. It’s most commonly used as a natural fragrant oil, in insect repellents, as well as in beauty, household and perfume products.

Citronella essential oil is a wonderful air freshener. Whether it is paint smell, oily smoke, rancid smell, fishy smell, etc., it can be used to remove it, and it can also inhibit the activity of mold. It can also be used as insecticide, mosquito repellent and soap perfume, with a wide range of uses.

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How does citronella oil work?

Citronella oil repels mosquitoes and does not kill them. Instead, it masks the carbon dioxide and lactic acid scents that mosquitoes are searching for.

Citronella oil is one of the most widely used natural insect repellents. This oil can be found in a variety of mosquito repelling products such as scented candles, lotions, sprays, and even wristbands, collars, and many other products.

In these kinds of products, which are usually applied to the skin or clothing, citronella is used in combination with other substances to provide protection against mosquitoes and other insects.

This oil is also sometimes used to treat areas of the skin where an insect has stung.

Citronella oil can be applied to the skin for use as a mosquito repellent. However, some people are allergic to citronella oil, so it is not recommended for everyone to apply this oil directly on their skin.

How can you use citronella oil?

1. Spray directly on hands, feet or clothing before going out for activities or hiking outings to prevent mosquito bites.

2. After being bitten by a mosquito, apply citronella oil to the bite immediately to quickly reduce swelling and relieve itching.

3. Spray citronella oil along the edges of doors, windows and walls to prevent mosquitoes, cockroaches and ants from entering.

4. Dip a little citronella oil with a cotton ball, and place it in the piano, wooden furniture, wardrobe, etc., to prevent cockroaches, ants and insects.

5. Add proper amount of citronella oil to clean the floor in clean water to prevent cockroaches and ants.

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