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What is Perilla oil
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What is Perilla oil

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Perilla Oil is an edible vegetable oil extracted from perilla seeds.Oil pressed from roasted perilla seeds has a distinctive nutty aroma and taste and is used as a flavor enhancer, condiment and cooking oil in Korean cuisine.Oil pressed from unroasted perilla seeds for non-cooking purposes.


Perilla oil is obtained by pressing the seeds of perilla,which contains 38-45%.


Perilla oil is considered a rich source of fatty acids,containing both saturated and unsaturated fatty acids.The saturated fatty acids in perilla oil are mainly palmitic acid (5-7%) and stearic acid (1-3%).The monounsaturated fatty acid in perilla oil is oleic acid (12-22%), while the polyunsaturated fatty acid in perilla oil is linoleic acid (13-20%), gamma-linolenic acid (0-1%),alpha-linolenic acid (54-64%) , and peanuts (0-1%).Perilla oil has one of the highest percentages of omega-3 fatty acids compared to other vegetable oils,ranging between 54 and 64%.The omega-6 fatty acid content is usually around 14%.


Culinary: Perilla oil

In Korean cuisine, perilla oil and sesame oil are the two main oils used for dressings,sauces, and dips.This oil is usually made from roasted perilla seeds and is used as a flavor enhancer,condiment,and cooking oil.Either sesame oil or perilla oil can be used to flavor namul (vegetable side dishes) and other side dishes,fry jeon (fried vegetables),spread gim (seaweed) before roasting,and form the flavorful base of dipping sauces.Specifically, perilla oil is more commonly found in southern Korea because perilla is easier to grow in warmer regions.Today, perilla oil is also used in Korean and Western dishes.A Michelin-starred restaurant in Seoul serves nutty vanilla ice cream with perilla oil as its 'secret ingredient'."


Perilla oil,made from the unroasted seeds,can be used in non-culinary uses,including paints,varnishes,printing inks,and linoleum.As a drying oil similar to tung oil or linseed oil, perilla oil has been used in paints,varnishes,linoleum,printing inks,paints,and waterproof protective coatings on cloth.Perilla oil can also be used as fuel.It is used together with synthetic resins to produce varnishes.It dries faster than linseed oil and forms a harder[citation needed] and yellower film as it dries than linseed oil.The paint and varnish industry has the largest usage.Perilla oil was also important in the manufacture of printing inks and linoleum, and in more ancient times was a key ingredient in the manufacture of durable flooring.In Japan,perilla oil was an important lamp fuel until the early 16th century,when it was replaced by rapeseed oil.The oilseed,which contains a drying oil component,was imported in large quantities from Japan to the United States as a substitute for linseed oil until supplies were interrupted by the war.Perilla oil pressed from the unroasted seeds is used to fuel lamps and oil floor paper in Korea.

Use of press cake

The press cake left after pressing perilla oil can be used as natural fertilizer or animal feed.


According to Presidential Decree No.33005 of the Hazardous Substances Safety Management Act of the Republic of Korea, perilla oil is classified as Hazard Class III of Class 4 Hazardous Substances. The main reason is that the iodine value is high (above 130),and the probability of spontaneous combustion is small.

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