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What's The Difference Between Hemp Seed Oil and CBD Oil?
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What's The Difference Between Hemp Seed Oil and CBD Oil?

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Our Hemp Seed Oil and CBD Oil are both extracted from sustainably farmed,industrial hemp-derived from the Cannabis sativa plant.However,a hemp plant contains less than 0.3% tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)-the primary psychoactive compound responsible for the high sensation associated with using cannabis.CBD Oil is produced by an extraction process from the leaves and flowers of the cannabis plant,which contains high quantities of CBD-known for its medicinal and therapeutic benefits.In contrast,Hemp Seed Oil is produced by cold pressing the seeds of the plant and not the flower and leaves.The seeds do not contain the same levels of compounds as the plant itself, but they still have a rich profile of nutrients,fatty acids,and useful bioactive compounds.Full-spectrum hemp oil that also contains plant matter may add other effective compounds,which may help with certain health issues,such as inflammation.

Hemp Seed Oil provides the following benefits when taken orally hemp-oil

1.Promotes Heart Health:High levels of omega-6 and omega-3 in the ratio 3:1.These essential fatty acids reduce cholesterol levels in the blood due to their β-sitosterols content and that helps prevent heart disease.Gamma-linoleic acid (GLA) in Hemp Seed Oil is known to reduce inflammation which prevents the type of heart disease that is usually caused by inflammation.

2.It's an Immune System Booster:The essential fatty acids in Hemp Seed Oil are required by the body to synthesize endocannabinoids whose function is to strengthen the immune system.That makes it a good idea to regularly take Hemp Seed Oil as an immune-enhancing supplement.

3.Assists in Weight Loss:Gamma-linoleic acid (GLA) found in hemp seeds can reduce sugar cravings and is a natural appetite suppressant that helps in weight loss as you take in fewer calories.

4.Many people use Hemp Seed Oil as a form of natural pain relief because it reduces pain when ingested or applied topically.When this is combined with its anti-inflammatory properties,it becomes a useful ally for injuries,infections or autoimmune disorders that cause pain.

5.Enhanced Digestive Health:Although specific research on Hemp Seed Oil for digestive health is not yet available,we do know the omega-3 essential fatty acid found in Hemp Seed Oil are known to reduce any inflammation in the digestive tract and may relieve some digestive tract problems such as inflammatory bowel disorder. In addition,the fatty acids in Hemp Seed Oil promote the good microbes in the gut flora which improves digestion and overall digestive health.

Hemp Seed Oil Skin health benefits

1.The fatty acids in hemp seed oil may help balance the skin and prevent inflammation that can result in acne.The addition of CBD from the plant matter may also help clear acne.

2.The vitamins and fatty acids in this oil may help keep the skin healthy and prevent breakouts.A 2014 study looking at the lipid profile of hemp seed oil found that it is rich in healthful oils and fatty acids.The abundance of fatty acids may make the oil an excellent choice for nourishing the skin and protecting it from inflammation,oxidation,and other causes of aging.

3.Muscle tension:Full-spectrum hemp oil that contains CBD may also help with general stress and tension in the muscles.Like fatty acids,CBD has an anti-inflammatory effect on the body,which may help relieve the tension that many people carry from stress and promote recovery from exercise.Rubbing a bit of hemp seed oil or full-spectrum hemp oil into tight muscles may help release tension and relax them.

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