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Which essential oil is suitable for foot bath
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Which essential oil is suitable for foot bath

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Dilution: Dissolve and dilute the selected essential oil (5-10 drops) with a medium such as milk or unscented bath salt, and then pour it into the hot water for the foot bath. Because essential oils are not soluble in water, do not drop directly into hot water.

Water temperature: 40-45℃Essential Oil manufacturers - Chinaplantoil

Geranium oil is useful for premenstrual syndrome,PMS

Recommended essential oils: neroli, real lavender, geranium

Abdominal distension, constipation, diarrhea, sudden cravings for sweets or cold drinks, insomnia or a lot of dreams, bad temper. All female-related symptoms can use orange blossom and real lavender to assist menstruation, and it can relieve pain and anti-depression. Geranium can effectively regulate endocrine.

Cold hands and feet can be relieved with ginger

Recommended essential oils: ginger, cypress, black pepper, angelica, chuanxiong, etc.

Ginger essential oil promotes blood circulation and removes blood stasis. Cypress astringent enhances blood circulation and helps the uterus and ovaries to work better. Black pepper is also a spicy essential oil, which promotes blood circulation, can make people have imagination and warmth, and make your heart light.

Lavender oil can Improve sleep quality

Recommended essential oils: real lavender, clary sage, sandalwood, etc.

Almost all essential oil foot baths can improve sleep problems. However, this formula is especially suitable. For example, people who have many miscellaneous dreams and are tired and exhausted during the day. Real lavender can calm the mind, relieve pain and help sleep. Clary sage is a little sweet, it is a safe level of hallucinogen, and it is also helpful for estrogen. Sandalwood is woody and calming, which is good for the urinary system and breathing. The system has the effect of prevention and improvement, and has aphrodisiac effect.

Lemon oil eliminate edema and promote lymphatic circulation

Recommended essential oils: geranium, lemon, grapefruit, juniper, cypress, etc.

Geranium essential oil can balance the internal environment of the body, balance endocrine, menstruation, diuresis, drainage of lower limbs, and promote lymphatic circulation. It can improve the symptoms of water retention and swollen ankles. Especially after giving birth, women are prone to lower extremity edema. Juniper is a good essential oil for drainage and detoxification. Lemon is a good partner for juniper. It can soften the walls of blood vessels, strengthen circulation, and concentrate blood. Grapefruit also has a very good effect on eliminating edema, and the sweet smell also makes the whole formula more gratifying. Cypress has a very good astringent effect, which can increase the effectiveness of the first two.

Tea tree oil can remove beriberi

Recommended essential oils: tea tree, thyme, myrrh, palmarosa, etc.

The essential oils recommended here are very helpful for anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and skin repair. In addition to being used to soak feet, it can be combined with sweet almonds or jojoba oil to make compound massage oils, and massage the feet . It has symptoms of itching, foot erosions, blisters or desquamation caused by fungal infections on the feet. Very good relief effect.

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