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What benefits does eucalyptus oil have?
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What benefits does eucalyptus oil have?

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Eucalyptus oil is obatained from the leaf of the eucalyptus plant. The plant, belonging to the Myrtaceae family, is native to Australia. However, the use of eucalyptus essential oil is gaining popularity around the world. It is useful for various purposes and makes a great addition to your alternative remedies shelf. The oil is prepared via a steam distillation process. While it may be possible to prepare your own bottle at home, it is recommended to buy a ready-to-use bottle, especially if you are a beginner, and storing it the right way is very important.

Eucalyptus oil's history of medicinal use dates back to the days of Indigenous Australians, who used both the leaves and the roots of the plant as medicines. When English colonists began to arrive in Australia in the late 1700s, they quickly adopted eucalyptus oil as a medicinal treatment themselves. In fact, when Surgeon-General John White arrived in 1788, he took an interest in eucalyptus almost immediately, according to entries in his diary. By 1790, he had distilled a quart of eucalyptus oil and sent it back to England for testing, where it eventually came to be used as a disinfectant to clean wounds and aid in healing after surgery.eucalyptus essential oil for sale -Chinaplantoil

Eucalyptus essential oil health benefits

1. It can clear your sinuses.

The most effective way to combat congestion with eucalyptus oil is steam inhalation, which allows the oil to react with mucous membranes, reducing mucus and loosening up congestion. It’s important to note that eucalyptus oil is strong, so you only need one or two drops to achieve the desired effect.

To create steam inhalation: Place one to two drops in a small bowl of steaming hot water. Drape a towel over your head to focus the steam and stand with your head at least an arm’s width away from the bowl. Close your eyes and breathe in deeply, allowing the vapor to enter your nose. Inhale the steam for five to 10 minutes.

2. It relieves sore muscles and joint pain.

Thanks to the anti-inflammatory benefits of eucalyptus oil, it can work wonders if your muscles are sore after a workout or if you suffer from chronic pain caused by certain conditions, like carpal tunnel syndrome or tennis elbow. Mix one or two drops with a carrier oil (like coconut, argan, or jojoba oil) and rub it on the sore area in a circular motion.

3.It may help treat dandruff and lice.

There's evidence that eucalyptus promotes hair growth, as well as treats dandruff. According to a 2012 report, eucalyptus oil's antifungal and antiseptic properties suggest that it would be a viable anti-dandruff treatment when incorporated into products like shampoos.

Eucalyptus oil may also be an effective natural treatment for head lice. One 2017 study from Australia, for example, found that using eucalyptus oil in a solution with lemon tea tree oil was twice as effective as the common chemical pesticide treatment piperonyl butoxide. Another previous study found that eucalyptus oil could actually protect human hair from the invasion of head lice for at least seven hours.

4.It soothes insect bites.

Eucalyptus oil contains a natural antiseptic that can be used on bug bites, ulcers, sores, cuts, and burns. It also has antimicrobial properties that work to prevent the growth of new germs. Apply two to three drops on a clean cotton ball and rub the area of concern twice daily.

5.It keeps insects and rodents away.

Looking for a repellent that isn’t filled with harsh chemicals? Look no further than eucalyptus oil. The scent repels moths, rodents, cockroaches, and mosquitos.

Add 20 drops to a large spray bottle of water and spray around targeted areas. The ASPCA states that eucalyptus oil is toxic for cats and dogs, so exercise caution and consult your vet before spraying in homes with pets.

While eucalyptus oil can work wonders in a variety of ways, Galper stresses the importance of diluting the essential oil before directly applying it to your skin—and steering clear of sensitive areas. "I wouldn’t recommend it in a blend for the face, and it could be irritating if applied directly on skin," she says. "So always dilute it down." Eucalyptus oil is not for internal use, should not be ingested, and should not be used directly on children.

6.It may help fight gum disease and freshen breath.

Another area with some research supporting eucalyptus oil's benefits is dentistry. Thanks to its antimicrobial properties, the oil seems to help fight off the bacteria responsible for tooth decay. One study published in the Journal of Periodontology even concluded that adding eucalyptus extract to gum could help promote good dental health and freshen breath.

7.Wound Healing

One of the most popular traditional uses of eucalyptus essential oil has been to disinfect and help heal wounds. It can be said that this use has stood the test of time and the oil is still used, in diluted form, to promote healing. An animal study that sought to compare it to gentamicin deemed the oil to be safe and non-toxic for use. It also found that oral administration is useful for its anti-inflammatory activity. 

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