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Verbenone rosemary oil - liver protection essential oil
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Verbenone rosemary oil - liver protection essential oil

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Verbenone rosemary contains a special ingredient: verbenone, which is a very safe kind of ketones, and because of its lower proportion in verbenaone rosemary oil, it can play the appropriate role of less is more, so even children can be used in low doses (however, the safe dose must be used under the guidance of professional therapists, and it is not recommended for infants, pregnant women and breastfeeding women use.pure rosemary leaf oil - Chinaplantoil

Its special active ingredients and combination make it an easy-to-use "detoxification" oil for clearing the lungs and liver. By inducing the activity of cytochrome enzymes, it clears the lungs, promotes bile secretion, and helps the liver to detoxify. Containing esters, terpenes, oxides and other ingredients, it also has the effects of relieving gallbladder spasm, relieving pain, promoting intestinal peristalsis, promoting mucus discharge in the respiratory tract, and balancing nerves and endocrine.

Verbena can be used for any poor liver detoxification caused by excessive chemical intake, irregular life at night, accumulation of body toxins (such as dietary intake, drug residues, etc.), or headaches and migraines caused by liver poisoning. Keto rosemary to help improve.

In addition, verbena ketone rosemary is also a good helper for skin care. Because ketones can dissolve mucus and fat very well, it can help remove aging cuticles and unblock pores. It is good for acne, acne, blackheads, and blocked pores. Improve effect.

Aromatherapy formulation recommendations:

1. Detox formulation:

It is recommended to mix 1-3% concentration compound massage oil for body care when changing seasons in winter, spring, autumn and winter.

Recommended essential oils: Verbenone Rosemary + Angelica Root + Carrot Seed + Ginger + Juniper

2. Formulation of liver compress:

Recommended essential oil: Verbena, Rosemary + Lemon + Rhododendron palustre

Mix 1-3% compound essential oil and apply it to the liver. Then, apply a hot towel to the area where the essential oil is applied, and add a hot water bottle outside to keep the temperature.

3. Acne conditioning:

Formulation recommendation 

A: HOWOOD + Palmarosa + Verbenone Rosemary + Real Lavender

Add base oil and mix 1% concentration of facial care essential oil.

B: Atlantic Cedar+Agarwood Thyme+Clove Bud+Verbenone Rosemary+Frankincense

Add base oil and mix 1% concentration of facial care essential oil.

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