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The role of jasmine oil
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The role of jasmine oil

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Funcitons of jasmine oil

1. Skin care of jasmine essential oil

Jasmine essential oil has a very good hydrating effect. It is dedicated to conditioning dry and sensitive skin, especially dry skin inside the outer oil. It can replenish moisture and increase the moisture content of the skin, leaving the skin with a moisturizing and bright luster. Pay special attention to the amount when using it. The concentration of jasmine essential oil is very high, and only a little bit can produce sufficient effects.

Whitening and moisturizing: 1 drop of jasmine essential oil + 1 drop of lemon essential oil + 10ml of base oil

Mix and shake well. After toning every morning and evening, while the cheeks are still moisturized, apply 2-3 drops to the entire face after rubbing the palm of your hand. Lemon essential oil has photosensitivity and is recommended to be used at night.

Moisturizing and repairing: 1 drop of jasmine essential oil + 1 drop of sandalwood essential oil + 10ml of base oil

Suitable for the repair of dehydrated and sensitive skin, calming and soothing. Take 3~5 drops of toner and apply on face.

Reduce stretch marks: 4 drops of jasmine essential oil + 2 drops of neroli essential oil + 10ml of base oil

Massage the stretch marks with the formulated essential oil formula once a day.pure Jasmine Essential oil-Chinaplantoil

2. Body care of jasmine flower oil

Jasmine essential oil can treat dysmenorrhea and regulate endocrine disorders; massage the abdomen and lower back of mothers with jasmine essential oil can help mothers relieve pain; after giving birth, using jasmine essential oil can help postpartum recovery, also has antidepressant ability, and relieves postpartum depression.

Relieve menstrual pain: 3 drops of jasmine essential oil + 3 drops of ginger essential oil + 10ml of base oil

One week before menstruation, massage the abdomen with an appropriate amount of compound essential oil.

Regulate endocrine: 3 drops of jasmine essential oil + 2 drops of ylang ylang essential oil + 10ml of base oil

After blending, take an appropriate amount on the abdomen and lower back, and massage for 10-20 minutes a day.

The characteristic of jasmine sambac oil

Indians call jasmine the "Queen of the Night" because its fragrance becomes more and more fragrant after the evening. The reason is that its chemical molecules are most active at night and secretion is the most vigorous. Therefore, jasmine flowers must be picked before sunrise. In order to preserve the energy of the flowers.

The scent of jasmine essential oil is sweet and rich, and the artificial fragrance can hardly be faked. Similar to rose essential oil, jasmine essential oil is extracted from flowers, and about 8 million jasmine flowers can extract 1 kilogram of jasmine essential oil. The extraction method adopts complex solvent extraction method or liposuction method, and the whole process is extremely pure without adding water.

Jasmine is the eternal theme of perfumers. Jasmine is known as the "king of spices" and is an indispensable spice in cosmetics and fine perfumes. Without jasmine, there would be no spice.

Before the 1st century AD, Persians used jasmine essential oil to incense banquet venues. Jasmine often appeared in Sufi poems as a symbol of love and spiritual yearning and pursuit.

The people of India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka love the scent of jasmine the most. Hindu temples scattered all over the world, as soon as you enter, you can immediately smell the strong fragrance of jasmine. The image of the Indian god of love, Kama, is a bow and arrow covered with jasmine flowers in his hand, which symbolizes shooting love and desire into the heart. Traditional Indian medicine uses jasmine to treat depression.

The Chinese also highly praise jasmine. The song "A Jasmine Flower" is sung all over China. Jasmine tea made from jasmine flowers has thousands of addicts all over the country. Women on the southeast coast like to put it on their heads. A few jasmine flowers are both beautiful and generous, and fragrant.

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