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The meaning of organic essential oil
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The meaning of organic essential oil

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The term “organic,” often used interchangeably with the term “natural,” is in fact quite distinct from this comparative word by virtue of the government guidelines and the national standards that allow organic products to qualify as such. “Organic” refers to farming ethics and processes, specifically to the way crops are cultivated, processed, and produced in a way that protects the supply chain and the environment from becoming harmed at any point.

In order for companies to have the full permission required to proceed with characterizing and selling their products as organic, products with the “organic” label must undergo thorough investigation and supervision by the auditor and earn certification before the label can be placed on products. On the contrary, companies are permitted to market any of their products as “natural” based on their own understanding and interpretation of the term.

An organic certification implies that the product is a result of organic farming, which seeks to encourage environmental equilibrium and to protect as well as sustain biodiversity by incorporating environmentally- and animal-friendly methods that support the salvaging and reprocessing of resources. 

Eco-friendly methods involve:

1. Rotating crops, which helps balance the soil’s nutrients and wards off pests

2. Composting and using “green” manures to introduce the essential organic matter to the soil

3. Encouraging wildlife diversity

4. Refining soil health and quality by protecting against soil erosion, and by helping soil maintain its crucial microbiology

5. Helping protect water from becoming contaminated and preventing drought

6. Using farming methods that require significantly lower amounts of energy than conventional practices

7. Avoiding monocropping, which causes the soil to lose nutrients and ultimately leads to decreased crop yields

8. Keeping detailed documentation that allows for comprehensive traceability of processes from the field to the final product

9. Conserving the environment

There are several types of organic seals – Organic Ingredients, Made with Organic, 100% Organic, Certified Organic/USDA Organic – and each represents a varying degree of “purity.”

Usda organic/certified organic means:

1. These products must show a list of ingredients

2. These products must contain ingredients that are at least 95% organically-produced

3. These products must not be produced using prohibited substances, including listed synthetic preservatives, pesticides, chemical fertilizers, petrochemicals, dyes, genetic engineering, ionizing radiation, or any other excluded methods

4. These products are usually free of GMOs

5. The USDA seal may appear on the package

100% organic means:

1. These products must contain 100% organically-produced ingredients (not including water and salt)

2. This is the only certification label that guarantees that a product is entirely organic and free of GMO ingredients

3. The USDA seal may appear on the package

Made with organic means:

1. These products must contain at least 70% organic ingredients

2. The remaining 30% of the ingredients (non-organic) in these products must not be foods

3. Non-organic ingredients must not be found on an exclusion list or be processed with prohibited practices

4. These products must not bear the USDA seal anywhere on the package

The organic standards strictly prohibit the use of the following substances:

1. Synthetic fertilizers

2. Synthetic pesticides

3. Irradiation

4. Genetic engineering/Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) or nanotechnology

5. Biosolids, also called Sewage Sludge

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