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Tea tree essential oil application
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Tea tree essential oil application

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Tea tree essential oil has more than 92 different ingredients and diversified usage methods. Aboriginal people in Australia have used tea tree leaves for centuries. They mashed the leaves and smelled the aroma of the essential oils to unblock their breathing, and directly used the tea tree leaves on the skin to help repair. Tea tree essential oil is known for its purifying effect. It can also cleanse and purify skin and nails, and give you a clean and healthy complexion.

1. Tea tree oil can eliminate acne

Put 2 drops on the palm of your hand, add 4 drops of Runshu Eye Drop, and apply it to the acne-prone or broken acne area, and you will immediately feel the effect of reducing swelling.

2. Tea tree essential oil reduces pores

Put 4-6 drops in a hot water basin. The water should be hot (steaming hot), and then bring the cleaned face close to open the pores and absorb deeply. When the water is cold, use the cold water to pat your face gently. The pores shrink.

3. Tea tree essential oil helps detoxify acupoints

Lie down and close your eyes, take a few drops with your ring finger and massage the base of your ears. The acupoints here can be opened up. Acupoint detoxification is a good therapy, and the most comfortable way to use essential oils. It can soothe the restless mood, so that the acne that is about to appear will be "burned", and it will stop.

4. Tea tree oil emollient

Put tea tree essential oil in the toner, especially in winter, if you use some toner, it feels that it is not thick enough and not moisturizing. Just right, I patted the toner with essential oils on my face, my face became shiny and the complexion was excellent.

5. Tea tree essential oil treats athlete's foot

When the weather is humid, it is easy to have athlete's foot, which is commonly known as Hong Kong foot. At this time, apply tea tree oil directly to the affected area to treat athlete's foot, and apply it twice at a time. After the symptoms disappear, continue to apply for 1 week to ensure that the mold is completely killed and does not recur.

6. Disinfection and sterilization of tea tree essential oil

Tea tree can kill mold and can be used to prevent vaginitis and athlete's foot caused by mold. The disinfectant prepared by myself is not inferior to those bought outside, and the smell is fresh and not pungent.

Tea tree essential oil is a natural antibacterial agent, it can stimulate the immune system, fight against most germs, and improve the suppuration of wound infections. Anti-fungal properties, can eliminate vaginal Candida infections. Usually women can order tea tree on their underwear before and after menstruation to prevent or eliminate vaginal itching symptoms! In the early stage of a cold, take a tea tree bath as soon as possible to get over the cold quickly.

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