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Spearmint Oil
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Spearmint Oil

Product details:Spearmint oil,100% pure, natural

Aroma: Minty, slightly fruity aroma that is less bright than peppermint.

Botanical name:Mentha spicata L.

Country of origin:Anhui,China

Method of extraction:Steam distillation

Part of the plant used:Leaves

Crop season:All Year

Constituents:Carvone, Limonene, 1, 8-cineole, and β-Myrcene.

Product Description

Spearmint Essential Oil is obtained from the steam distillation of the Spearmint plant's leaves, stems, and/or flowering tops. The extracted essential oils range in color from clear and colorless to a pale yellow or pale olive. Its scent is fresh and herbaceous.


Benefits of Spearmint Essential Oil

1. Spearmint Essential Oil is believed to help reveal a new layer of skin, thus increasing skin's resilience and elasticity.

2. Spearmint Oil is said to help reduce nasal congestion caused by the excessive buildup of phlegm and mucus in the nose and throat, thereby promoting easier breathing.

3. Spearmint Oil's anti-inflammatory quality is known to cool red, swollen, and itching skin to help reduce the sensations of inflammation.

4. Spearmint Oil has traditionally been used to support digestive functions. As an emmenagogue, it is also sometimes used to address menstrual issues, such as irregular or missed periods.


Uses of Mentha Spicata Oil

1. A few drops can be diluted in bath water to reduce fever, fatigue, inflammation, and nasal congestion.

2. Diluted with carrier oils such as Almond, Grapeseed, Sunflower, or Evening Primrose oils, it can be applied in a massage to relieve aches and pains, including menstrual and abdominal pain as well as muscle spasms.

3. Diffusing Spearmint Oil can relieve headaches, reduce cough symptoms by loosening phlegm and enhancing respiration, and it can relieve flatulence when experiencing discomfort associated with digestion.