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plant essential oils' healing functions
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plant essential oils' healing functions

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Aromatic plants essential oil

In the 500,000 species of plants in nature, only 400 kinds of volatile essential oils can be extracted or used. This kind of plant is called “aromatic plant”. The aromatic plants give people a feeling of sorrow, medicinal value and profound The meaning of this, more and more applied to our lives, the fat-soluble aromatic molecules in the plant are found in the flowers, leaves, roots, stems, seeds, and fruits of plants, and are based on alkenes, alcohols, aldehydes, esters, ketones, etc. Forms exist, extracting these substances, that is, "essential oil."

Aromatic plant essential oils also have medicinal value

As early as the 19th century, English biologist Darwin proposed that plants can move freely and easily, and they are as sensitive as human beings. In addition, plants have super-consciousness and inductive power, and can also express rich emotions. Each plant is a unique soul individual. They can see through the real thoughts of human beings and react to their ideas.lavender aroma oil price - Chinaplantoil

Aromatic plants are a group of plants that share the attributes of both medicinal plants and spice plants. In addition to its medicinal value, aromatic plants also contain aroma components, and this ingredient can be extracted as an essential oil for use in various industries such as medicine, food processing, and cosmetics. This kind of essential oil is an important part of natural flavor and fragrance. Because natural spices have unique fragrances that cannot be replaced by synthetic fragrances, they also contain trace elements that have not yet been clarified and have special contributions in aroma, and most of them are not poisonous. For reasons such as side effects, the production of natural flavors is not bad. In developed countries such as Europe, America, and Japan, natural flavors are replacing artificial synthetic fragrances in various fields in an unstoppable trend. At the same time, in modern scientific research, it also found that in addition to many medicinal ingredients and aroma components, it also contains antioxidants, antibacterial substances and natural pigments, which means that aromatic plants can not only replace chemical synthetic flavors, but also It means that many synthetic antioxidants, antibacterial substances and chemical dyes that are widely used will be replaced by aromatic plants in the near future.

Common aromatic plants include: lavender, hyacinth, rosemary, mint, thyme, basil, St. John's wort, chamomile, spearmint, etc.

The natural healing power of plants essential oil

1. Sterilization of essential oil

Essential oils can destroy the production environment of bacteria, thereby inhibiting their production and diffusion. At the same time, essential oils can improve the body's immunity and enhance the body's resistance. Repair the body from the root.

2. Detoxification of essential oil

Essential oils can accelerate the flow of lymph, promote detoxification, and promote the formation of antibodies to lymph nodes to enhance immunity. In addition, essential oils can detoxify the mind in addition to detoxification.

3. Regeneration essential oil

The main component of 70%-80% essential oil is carbon atoms, and the basic substances that constitute the human body, such as proteins, fats and sugars, are composed of carbon atoms. Due to this structural similarity, the skin can be repaired and has antioxidant function. Skin elasticity and vitality.

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