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Oil of clove and its usage
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Oil of clove and its usage

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Clove oil also known as clove oil, is an essential oil extracted from the clove plant cloves.Clove oil is commonly used in aromatherapy and to flavor food and some medicines.Madagascar and Indonesia are the main producers of clove oil.Some countries, such as the United Kingdom, recognize its use for temporary relief of toothache although there is insufficient medical evidence to support its use as an analgesic. 

Types and phytochemicalsClove Essential Oi

Clove oil is divided into three types:

Bud Oil comes from the flower buds of S.aromaticum.It is composed of 60-90% Eugenol, Eugenol Acetate,Caryophyllene and other trace ingredients.Leaf oil is extracted from the leaves of S.aromaticum.It is composed of 70-82% eugenol and a certain amount of beta caryophyllene and alpha humulene.Stem oil comes from the shoots of S. aromaticum.It consists of 85-92% eugenol and other trace ingredients.Stem oil is closer to bud oil in smell and flavor.Distilled clove oil extracted from the flower buds contains a mix of phytochemicals including phenylpropanoids (mainly eugenol), carvacrol, thymol and cinnamaldehyde as major constituents, and small amounts of polyphenols, carbohydrates, lipids quality, oleanolic acid and rhamnetin.

Human health


Clove oil is toxic in all but small therapeutic doses, and several cases of acute liver and kidney injury have been reported, mainly in children.


Especially in Korea and India, eugenol, a phytochemical derived from clove oil, is used to relieve toothaches.Applying eugenol or clove oil to cavities in tooth sockets left by cavities or tooth extractions can temporarily relieve toothache.In the United States, the FDA found eugenol to be ineffective for treating toothache and downgraded clove oil as an analgesic because there was not enough evidence to rate its effectiveness.

Other uses:

Eugenol is a reliable source for the production of natural vanillin (according to the US definition).It is a multifunctional molecule that can be converted to vanillin in a few simple conversion steps by using natural phytochemicals.Clove oil is commonly used to anesthetize or euthanize laboratory or pet fish. Clove oil is a component of clove oil (Japanese: 丁子油), traditionally used to maintain Japanese swords. 


In Germany, Commission E permits the marketing and regulation of clove oil as a medicinal herb.

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