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Meadowfoam seed oil's functions
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Meadowfoam seed oil's functions

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Meadowfoam seed oil extraction

Each Meadowfoam flower contains five seeds, each of which contains about 20 to 30% oil. Once seeds have been cleaned and their shells removed, oil is extracted from the kernels through a process of cold expression, in which they crushed under a high-powered mechanical press. Prior to pressing, seeds are broken up into meals by grinding, flaking, or rolling to facilitate the process.

Meadowfoam seed oil benefits

In natural cosmetics and body care, Meadowfoam seed oil is lauded as an extremely powerful emollient. Emollient substances maintain hydration by locking moisture into the skin and hair. This helps to maintain a soft and supple look and feel. Meadowfoam seed oil is known to work in a similar way to the sebum the skin produces naturally, which makes it particularly effective at sealing in moisture. It also helps to balance the skin's natural oil production, contributing to a more even complexion.meadowfoam carrier oil - Chinaplantoil

As an added benefit, compared to many oils, Meadowfoam has a uniquely velvety texture that does not leave behind a greasy residue. This gives it more versatility in topical applications, as it is suitable for all skin types, and has made it an even more popular choice to include in cosmetics. It is further considered safe to use daily and in conjunction with other skincare oils and butter.

Antioxidants and fatty acids are the stars of Meadowfoam seed oil that make it a feast for the skin and hair, endowing it with rich moisturizing properties and a luxurious texture. This oil also contains the glucosinolate derivatives, 3-methoxybenzyl isothiocyanate (MBITC) and 3-methoxyphenyl acetonitrile, which have been demonstrated in controlled laboratory studies to inhibit the enzymes that degrade collagen in the skin and to help offset the impact of UVB light exposure. This has made Meadowfoam oil a popular ingredient in rejuvenating beauty formulations and protective sun care products.

In addition to its rich softening properties, Meadowfoam seed oil skin benefits include helping to reduce the appearance of stretch marks, scars, fine lines, and wrinkles to promote an energized and rejuvenated appearance. Used in haircare, this oil is known to help manage brittleness, tangles, dullness, and frizz, promoting a silky-smooth texture and vivacious sheen.

Characteristics of meadowfoam seed oil

The highly stable nature of Meadowfoam seed oil makes it an even more attractive ingredient in body care products. Among other commercial plant oils, Meadowfoam has the highest concentration (about 98%) of the long-chain fatty acids Docosenoic acid and Docosadienoic acid, which are rare in vegetable oils and which are most resistant to rancidity when exposed to oxygen or heat. This affords the oil a long shelf life without compromising its effectiveness.

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