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Lemon peel essential oil are used in many fields
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Lemon peel essential oil are used in many fields

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Lemon oil is a kind of essential oil, as a food additive, it can flavor food, but long-term use of food additives will cause certain harm to the body. The benefits of lemon oil? Lemon oil is obtained by squeezing the fresh lemon peel. It is a yellowish greenish liquid with a strong lemon aroma, which promotes blood circulation and strengthens immunity. Lemon oil has the effect of soothing and relieving headaches and migraines.  

It has the effects of driving wind, diuresis, heat dissipation, hemostasis, lowering blood pressure, balancing oil secretion, whitening and cooling. Uses and methods of lemon essential oil Incense burner and vaporizer incense: can be used to treat colds, loss of voice, depression, fatigue, and relieve irritation; Make massage oils or dilute them in the bathtub: used to treat digestive problems, lack of energy, flu, obesity, rheumatism, depression; Ingredients for creams or moisturizers: can clean the skin, especially oily skin; Ingredients for mouthwash: used to treat oral ulcers; 

Essential oils suitable for mixing with lemon essential oils: rose, sandalwood, lavender, fennel and elemi essential oils, etc.; Tips: Lemon essential oil is non-toxic, and some people have allergies and photosensitivity to it. Because of its photosensitivity, avoid using it before exposure to light. If you pay attention to natural health preservation, you might as well search for "healthy password black wolfberry" in Jing-Dong. volume_upcontent_copyshare

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