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Leaf essential oils' energy and fragrance
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Leaf essential oils' energy and fragrance

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Aroma characteristics of leaf essential oils

The aroma of the essential oil extracted from the leaves is usually vibrant, green and fresh. Different leaf essential oils have different types of scents, some are herbal scents, some are camphor scents, and some are coniferous (pine-like) scents.

Essential oils extracted from leaves often have a medicinal smell like camphor or pine. This is probably because plants from the Myrtle family have a high proportion of 1,8 cineole and camphor.rosemary leaf oil manufacturers - Chinaplantoil

On the other hand, the aroma of essential oils extracted from vanilla is often fresh, with a herbal fragrance. Some essential oils extracted from leaves, such as lemon balm, lemon eucalyptus, lemongrass, lemon tea tree, lemongrass and citronella, have a fresh and fresh citrus aroma.

Energy of leaf essential oil

Most leaf essential oils have a warming effect on the body. Essential oils such as eucalyptus, pine and tea tree are great for removing lung phlegm. This means that they are excellent expectorants. He said that these essential oils can replenish qi and enhance immunity. He explained that tea tree, thyme and eucalyptus are the perfect combination formula to strengthen the immune system.

On the other hand, some leaf essential oils such as thyme and oregano are considered to be the most energetic, heat-generating and stimulating oils. Rosemary and thyme are very powerful essential oils that replenish yang, with invigorating, nourishing and refreshing effects. Therefore, these oils are very suitable for people with neurasthenia.

I think that tree leaf essential oil has a promoting effect with metal elements related to the respiratory system, while herbal leaf essential oil has an affinity for wood elements.

Many leaf essential oils can be used for cleansing and purification. They provide protection, protect people from negative effects, eliminate blockages and allow energy to flow. When people feel no energy or physically exhausted, leaf essential oils can restore people's mental vitality.

Leaf essential oils bring optimism and positive energy, so they are very suitable for restoring self-confidence and willpower.

Leaf essential oils help stimulate vitality and energy, thereby restoring self-confidence. Leaf essential oils also help focus and promote communication. Many leaf essential oils are related to the Throat Chakra and Brow Chakra.wild chamomile essential oil suppliers - Chinaplantoil

Blending of flavor about Leaves essential oils

Many leaf essential oils have fresh, herbal, camphor and medicinal aromas. When we apply leaf essential oil formulations, these aromas remind us of plasters and essential oil formulations for colds, flu or pain.

Generally speaking, leaf-based essential oils can be combined with all other oils, but if there are petal-based essential oils (such as rose, jasmine, etc.), you need to consider carefully. I'm not saying that you can't mix leaf essential oils with petal essential oils. However, leaf essential oils may destroy the delicate floral fragrance, so be very cautious. Having said that, I mixed spearmint and jasmine together, wow! How intoxicating, charming and refreshing the aroma of this formula is.

Leaf essential oils work well with herbal flower essential oils, such as Roman chamomile, German chamomile, lavender or geranium. They also blend very well with other fruity citrus oils. This indeed enhances their antibacterial efficacy. We know that the essential oils extracted from vanilla are very helpful to the digestive system. Therefore, the aroma of leaf essential oils, spices and fruit essential oils is very harmonious.

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