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Jasmine Oil



Jasmine Oil

Product details:Jasmine oil,100% pure, natural

Aroma: Fresh,.sweet.

Botanical name:Jasminum sambac (Linn.) Aiton

Country of origin:China

Method of extraction:Steam distillation

Part of the plant used:Flowers

Crop season:May-Aug.

Constituents:Linalool,Benzyl acetate,Caryophyllene

Product Description

Jasmine oil is an essential oil derived from the white flowers of the common jasmine plant, also known as Jasminum sambac (Linn.) Aiton. Widely used in aromatherapy, this essential oil contains the plant's aromatic compounds, which are believed by some to have various health benefits related to skin care and stress reduction.


Benefits of Jasmine Flower Essential Oil:

1. There is evidence that aromatherapy can effectively reduce depressive symptoms. A study that looked at jasmine essential oil found that when compared to a placebo, jasmine oil increased behavioral arousal.

2. Jasmine oil is effective in treating and preventing infections when diluted and applied to the skin or used as a rinse for oral infections, such as oral thrush.

3.Jasmine oil can increase alertness and energy levels.

Uses of Jasmine Flower Essential Oil:

1.When used in perfumery, Jasmine oil is a middle note that adds a beautifully complex fragrance to a blend and that is often added that is often added to elevate the fragrant character of other notes and accords.

2.Jasmine oil is a great addition to candles and soaps in which a strong anchoring scent is an asset. It can also be added to shampoos, conditioners, and bath products for a calming custom spa experience.

3.For a soothing massage, blend 3 drops of Jasmine oil with 3 drops of Chamomile Oil and 4 drops of Petitgrain Oil in 30 ml of sweet almond oil. This mixture can be massaged into the back, neck, and shoulders to invoke a sense of calm and relaxation.