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Frankincense's functions and uses for skin care
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Frankincense's functions and uses for skin care

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What is frankincense oil?

In the civilizations of the Middle East and North Africa, frankincense is the preferred spirit of all religions. Egypt, Islam and Christianity all have allusions to dedication and exorcism. The Egyptians also use it to keep youthful face and the Chinese use it to treat lymph.

In ancient times, frankincense was as valuable as gold. Ancient Egyptians knew how to make facial masks with frankincense long ago to maintain youth. It is recorded in the "Bible" that the three doctors of the East specially selected frankincense as a gift to give to the newly born Jesus, expressing their awe and devotion to him. Therefore, frankincense is also called "Christ's tears." From ancient times to the present, frankincense has been regarded as the "secret recipe for the goddess of immortality" in the application of women's skin care and rejuvenation.

How much do you know about frankincense myrrh oil's skin care effects

Frankincense essential oil is extracted from frankincense resin, exudes a warm and pure woody aroma, and also reveals a light fruity fragrance, which can make people feel relaxed and soothing before. As early as in ancient Egypt, people used frankincense to make facial masks to maintain youth.frankincense oil bulk-Chinaplantoil

The essential oil is light yellow in color, has antibacterial properties, promotes wound scarring, diminishes scars and wrinkles, enhances cell activity, calms, replenishes body, and rejuvenates, regulates dry, aging, and dull skin, restores skin elasticity, and tightens pores. 

Specific effects include:

1. Anti-aging: It can give new life to aging skin, dilute fine lines and smooth wrinkles. It is a true skin care product.

2. Improve firmness: restore skin elasticity, tighten pores, and improve looseness. Its astringent properties can also balance oily skin.

3. Improve skin quality: It is especially beneficial to dry, inflamed, and sensitive skin, and has an effect on wounds, wounds, ulcers and inflammation.

Frankincense essential oil: skin care applications

Recommendation 1:

Add 2 drops of frankincense essential oil into the wash water, put in a towel, wring out the moisture, apply it on the face and gently press the face with your hands, back and forth several times. This method can treat dry, inflamed and dry peeling skin.

Notice: Regular use can make the skin delicate and smooth.

Recommendation 2:

Essential oil matching: Frankincense essential oil can be matched with the following sandalwood, rose, geranium, Roman chamomile, lavender, etc.

Base oil options: Fractionated coconut oil, rosehip oil, sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, grape seed oil, etc.

The 0.5% concentration of massage oil is used for facial massage, which has a good anti-aging effect and soothes allergies.

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