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Four essential oils for skin care
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Four essential oils for skin care

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Essential oils are extracts from the flowers, bark, peel, roots, stems, leaves, resins, seeds, etc. of plants. Every drop of essential oil concentrates the vitality of the plant.

Essential oils are full of plant aromas and are the main ingredients of perfumes. The use of aromatherapy equipment “smell” is the most common way to use essential oils.

In addition to incense, essential oils can also be used as skin care products. There is a barrier zone on the surface of our skin. The general skin care products have a large molecular size and are difficult to pass. However, the essential oil molecules are very small, and the essential oil molecules have affinity for the components that form the barrier zone, so they can be absorbed by the skin through the skin barrier.

Today, I will introduce 4 essential oils for skin care, let us become a sweet and beautiful little fairy together.buy damask rose oil - Chinaplantoil

Rose oil for rejuvenation and anti-aging, enhance happiness

Aging is the most feared thing for little fairies. Rose has whitening, rejuvenating and anti-aging effects. It can be used in creams and body lotions.

The pleasant aroma of the rose can also alleviate the fatigue and stress, enhance the soul's sensibility, capture the small fortunes and enhance happiness.

The role of lemon essential oil

Lemon essential oil removes dead cells, brightens skin tone, tightens microvessels, promotes collagen production, diminishes melanin, purifies oily skin, and softens crusting tissue. 2-3 times a week, drop 1-2 drops of lemon essential oil in the cream, with massage, the skin will white back a color for a few weeks. (Note that lemons are photosensitive. Avoid all light sources after use on the skin. Please turn off the lights and sleep well after use!)

However, during the day, using lemon essential oil aroma, fresh smell can drive away sleepiness and help focus.

Lavender oil for acne embossed, soothes the soulpure Lavender Essential Oil - Chinaplantoil

Lavender oil is also known as the "healing essential oil." Used on the face, it can heal damaged skin, acne fade, control oil, reduce blackheads, remove eye bags and dark circles.

Aromatherapy with lavender essential oil can improve insomnia, purify the mind, resist depression, calm the mind and face life.

The functions of neroli essential oil

The smell of orange blossom has always been regarded as the aroma of the nobility. It is often used by some famous ladies as a perfume between the hair tips and skirts to calm the nerves and relieve the emotions.

At the same time, Neroli essential oil is rich in a variety of skin rejuvenation and whitening ingredients, which can be very good against skin relaxation, especially suitable for dry, sensitive and mature skin. It is called "rejuvenation" essential oil. Nourish light lines, heal the soul.

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