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Essential oils: the use of four mistakes
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Essential oils: the use of four mistakes

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Are essential oils just beauty care products?

Essential Oil supplier - ChinaplantoilMany people think that essential oils are just a kind of natural skin or body care products, and that essential oils can whiten, wrinkle, lose weight, breast enlargement and other "powerful effects." But in fact, the effects of essential oils are far more than that.

Essential oils help the skin from the inside out. It extends from mental health to physical health, and then to the health and beauty of the skin. This is something that no expensive skin care products can do. In many clinical applications of western medicine, aromatherapy with essential oils as the main medium has many successful treatment cases.

Therefore, in the application of aromatherapy, in addition to daily skin care, there are comprehensive considerations in many aspects such as physical, emotional, and psychological.

Should avoid using essential oils during menstrual period?

Many people are very cautious about the application of essential oils, which is very good. But for the application of essential oils during the menstrual period of women, in fact, essential oils have very significant effects on skin conditioning and spiritual soothing, because essential oils can not only heal the discomfort of the organs, but more wonderfully, it can also take care of emotional problems. For example, cypress, geranium, ginger and other essential oils are very good for the maintenance of menstrual period. 

For several common symptoms, the formula of essential oils is as follows:

Irregular physiological period: Rose oil + Cypress essential oil + Geranium essential oil

Severe dysmenorrhea: Lavender oil + Ginger oil + Rosemary oil

Are oral essential oils more effective for beauty?

Essential Oil manufactures - ChinaplantoilEssential oils are very permeable. Not only can they not be taken orally, but directly applied to the skin, they also need to be diluted in an appropriate proportion. Except for a few relatively mild essential oils (such as real lavender) that can be directly applied locally, the application of other essential oils must be diluted to 0.5-3% with base oils or other reasonable essential oil dispersants according to the body part and purpose of use. Concentration, blended into compound massage oil or essential oil for skin care and maintenance. Again, the purpose of beauty and skin care does not require the use of oral essential oils.

Can essential oils be used in creams?

Many people will add essential oils to face creams, thinking that this will directly enhance the effectiveness of face creams and save yourself the trouble of blending essential oils. As a result, a bottle of cream was "deteriorated", oil and water separated, and the taste was wrong! What's the reason? Pure plant essential oils are purely natural plant-based, if the home cream is not "pure" plant ingredients, then the essential oils added to it will likely react with artificial chemically synthesized substances, which will cause the above consequences.And essential oils have small molecules with high permeability. If the ingredients of the cream are not natural enough, or the effect is more for the care of the epidermis, it is not suitable to add essential oils by yourself. Therefore, when preparing skin care products by yourself, it is best to make or choose some special fragrance-free base cream products.

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