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Essential oils for sleep
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Essential oils for sleep

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A restful night of sleep is virtually priceless, contributing to a better quality of life and long-lasting health. With our modern-day lifestyles and stresses, however, proper sleep hygiene has become something of a luxury for many. The inhalation or application of essential oils can provide a safe and effective natural solution to help individuals wind down, relax, and ultimately enable quality sleep for optimal health and rejuvenation.

The efficacy of lavender oil

The main constituents of lavender oil include linalyl acetate and linalool, which are believed to activate the parasympathetic nervous system upon inhalation. This allows the mind and body to dial down for rest and recuperation, facilitating slower breathing and reducing anxiety. Those who experience feelings of overwhelm, stress, or even pain that prevents them from getting into a restful state may find the calming aroma of Lavender totally transforms their quality of sleep.

Neroli essential oil's functionbest neroli fragrance oil - Chinaplantoil

Neroli Essential Oil's lovely floral fragrance is derived from the blossoms of the Bitter Orange tree (Citrus aurantium). Perfumists cherish Neroli for its ethereal scent, which blends easily with floral absolutes and citrus oils to create premium natural fragrances. It is even said to be hypnotic in its actions and functions as an aphrodisiac.

Neroli Oil's chemical composition is made up of compounds that are characteristically associated with relaxation, such as Linalool, Linalyl acetate, and Geraniol. Together, these constituents exert a soothing and relaxing effect on the mind. Notably, Neroli Oil's comforting aroma is used in the aromatherapy treatment of shock or trauma. Its calming effects extend to the body due to its antispasmodic nature.

The role of roman chamomile oil

The chamomile herb remains one of the most cherished botanicals in traditional medicine and phytotherapy. The essential oil, distilled from the yellow and white flowering tops, is characteristically soothing and consoling. While all varieties of this oil are calming in nature, perhaps the most popular one used as a natural sleep remedy is Roman Chamomile (Anthemis nobilis), which has a wonderful aroma that is often described as a cross between apples and sweet straw. The active constituents are predominantly pleasant-smelling esters including Butyl angelate and Isobutyl angelate.

Aromatherapists often rely on Roman Chamomile Oil as a mental tonic and to address issues such as stress, emotional disorders, and insomnia. Those who suffer from melancholy and have difficulty maintaining their sleep may find this oil particularly useful.

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