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  • Q How long do essential oils last?

    A Most of essential oils will be good for up to 3 years if stored properly.
  • Q Can I rub essential oils on my skin directly?

    Generally,it can not because pure essential oils is possible to burn your skin.
    It is necessary to dilute essential oils with carrier oils before you rub them on skin.
  • Q Are essential oils the same as fragrance oils?

    A No, they aren’t. Essential oils are distilled from plants. Fragrance oils are synthetically created in a laboratory.
  • Q Can I use essential oils in my house without a diffuser?

    Yes,you can
    A.Add a few drops of essential oils to the cardboard on the toilet paper roll. As you roll it, the aroma is released in the air.
    B.Pop open the top of your favorite essential oil and slowly inhale. 
    C.Mix a few drops of essential oils in some milk and then add to the bath as it is filling up.
    D.You can create a room spray with essential oils, alcohol, and water .
  • Q Where do essential oils come from?

    A Essential oils come from plants. Essential oils are an oil which has typically been distilled—usually using steam or water—from the bark, leaves, flower, roots, or other parts of the plant. They are highly concentrated oils that contain both the aromatic and chemical properties of the plant.
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