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Essential oils and aromatherapy's correct understanding
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Essential oils and aromatherapy's correct understanding

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Essential oils, also known as "liquid gold", are called "Western Chinese medicines" in Western countries. They are distilled, cold pressed, and fat-sucked from the flowers, stems, leaves, fruits, peels, seeds, roots, etc. of plants. The aromatic substances extracted by the extraction methods such as carbon dioxide, each of the aromatic plant extracts have a special effect on the human body. Modern aromatherapy, usually referred to as essential oils, includes essential oils, compound essential oils, and base oils.

Single essential oil

A volatile plant essential oil extracted from a single plant with a purity of 100%. Can not be applied directly to the face, need to be allowed to use, or used as a night after dilution.Essential Oil manufactures - Chinaplantoil

Compound essential oil

Two or more kinds of single essential oils and base oils are formulated according to proportions, which have a synergistic effect, stimulate the intrinsic potential, have medical properties, and can be directly applied to the skin.

Carrier oil

It is made from the seeds and fruits of plants through cold pressing extraction. It is rich in various trace elements, minerals, vitamins, fatty acids and proteins. It has good conditioning effect on the body and face. It is the best dilution of single essential oil. Product.

Use of essential oils and pure dew

Pure dew, also known as water essential oil, is a 100% saturated distilled liquid separated from essential oils during the extraction and extraction process. It is a by-product of essential oils. It has excellent penetrating power, excellent hydrating effect and natural and pure ingredients. The scent is light and pleasant.

The use of essential oils is inseparable from the combination of pure dew. Pure dew is also a by-product of essential oils. It contains a little aromatic molecules and is an excellent partner for essential oils. When used, it is sprayed on the face with pure dew. Then use the compound essential oil massage to absorb, then spray the pure dew again, so repeated 2 times, the best effect.

Characteristics of essential oils

High concentration: high concentration of essential oil, can not be directly used on the face or delicate skin, need to be diluted after use, is 50-70 times the plant itself.

High volatilization, high permeability: ultra-fine molecules, 3-5 seconds penetration into the dermis, 5-8 minutes to the subcutaneous tissue and circulatory system, the olfactory reaches the human brain in just 10 seconds, volatile, easy to burn. Lipophilic, soluble in oils, alcohols, solvents, insoluble in water.

Natural antibacterial property: Essential oil is taken from plants and communicates with traditional Chinese medicine. It has medical properties, calming, anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effects.

Non-retention: Does not stay in the body, it will be excreted in the urine with sweat and pores in 4-8 hours.

Accuracy: The composition of the chemical molecules contained in essential oils cannot be replicated by humans. The chemical composition of essential oils is generally between sixty and three hundred, for example, roses have hundreds of chemical components.

Synergism: The inhibition or synergistic effect between the chemical molecular structures of essential oils can increase the efficacy.

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