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Essential oil storage precautions
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Essential oil storage precautions

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The importance of properly storing essential oils

The shelf life, quality, beneficial properties, and safe use of an Essential Oil depends largely on the way in which it is stored. When kept in the proper vessel and at the proper temperature, an Essential Oil can achieve its maximum shelf life with a conservative estimate of at least one year. On the more liberal end of the scale, properly cared-for Essential Oils may even last for ten years or longer, depending on the type of oil and the storage conditions.

Do essential oils expire?

Eventually, all essential oils will expire and become unsafe, so proper storage and proper handling are beneficial to all essential oils. With the oxidation process, the quality of the oils gradually declines, which causes them to lose their aroma and nourishing properties. Even more encouraging is that the degradation rate of essential oils is not the same. It is well known that the essential oils in citrus fruits oxidize faster than all other essential oils-they expire and lose their fragrance and benefits as early as six months after opening-with earthy or woody essential oils, such as patchouli oil and sandalwood Fragrance, which often smells better. As it matures, it takes longer to begin to weaken the potency and aroma; therefore, the life of the oil may vary depending on the quality of the plant source and the conditions of the harvest, extraction method and distilled oil, batch/batch Second, the storage and handling of oil fluctuate greatly from suppliers and customers, as well as the way suppliers bottling, storing and handling oil.patchouli fragrance oil price - Chinaplantoil

How can you tell if essential oils have gone bad?

There are four main ways to tell if an Essential Oil has deteriorated:

1) Its aroma has become stronger and likely unpleasant or it has weakened, depending on the oil

2) It has changed in color and has become darker, lighter, or even colorless, depending on the oil

3) It appears murky/foggy

4) It has thickened in consistency

Can you store essential oils in the refrigerator?

Yes, Essential Oils can be stored in the refrigerator.

Which factors influence an oil’s shelf life?

1. Oxygen

When oils are exposed to air/oxygen, they are oxidized and their volatile components begin to fade, which means that their fragrance-among other qualities-will fade. This is mainly caused by the long-opening of the oil bottle cap. In order to prevent or slow down the oxidation and evaporation process, it is important to cover the bottle when not using essential oils. Although oxidized oil is not recommended for topical use or aromatherapy, it can still be used for other purposes, such as household cleaning.

2. Temperature

Due to its flammability, essential oils should not be near open flames or any heat or ignition sources such as sunlight, candles and stoves. Making them susceptible to high temperatures may cause them to reach their unique flash point, which is the individual temperature at which the oil will ignite. Frequent exposure to high temperatures will accelerate the deterioration of the oil.

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