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Clary sage oil introduction to history and benefits
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Clary sage oil introduction to history and benefits

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The Clary sage (Salvia sclarea) is an aromatic plant native to the Mediterranean Basin but is also found growing in some areas in Northern Africa and Central Asia. The plant’s name came from the Latin word “clarus” which means “clarifying/cleansing.’

This plant which belongs to the Lamiaceae family is characterized by having white, heart-shaped leaves with an earthy, floral scent. It can grow up to a meter tall. Its essential oil comes from its leaves and flowering tops. Aside from its oil, the leaves and blossoms are traditionally used for making alcoholic drinks like wine and beer.

The principal components of this oil are Linalool, α-terpineol, geraniol, acetate derivative, and myrcene. Clary sage essential oil can be used for aromatherapy, can be added to a carrier oil and applied topically, or can be added to food and ingested.

History of the Use of Clary Sage

In the Middle Ages, the clary sage was considered a sacred plant and was used in making magical potions and during cleansing rituals. For some time, it was also known as the ‘Eye of Christ.’ It was believed that the oil was magical and can cure any illness. Women used this oil because of its ability to reduce menstrual cramps and help ease the symptoms of menopause. Early Romans used clary sage seeds soaked in water as eyewash.clary sage oil supplier -Chinaplantoil

Pure clary sage essential oil benefits

Fights Depression

Clary Sage essential oil can help to boost mental strength, hope, confidence, and self-esteem resulting in depression being combated efficiently. Simply diffusing clary sage oil can just be a great little pick-me-up. The oil also helps to relieve anxiety. It has been utilized as an antidepressant and administered to patients who are undergoing rehabilitation for acute depression.

Antibiotic and Wound Healing

Clary Sage essential oil kills bacteria and stops the spread and growth of bacterial infections while preventing new infections. It has been shown in studies that the oil is especially beneficial in helping to cure bacterial infections that affect the excretory system, urinary tract, intestines, and colon.  It is also very effective in helping to inhibit bacteria from getting into our bodies through food or water.

When the essential oil is topically applied to wounds they get an extra layer of protection from tetanus germs or becoming septic.  The antiseptic properties of clary sage oil can help to protect one’s body while recovering from surgery and as well as all kind of wounds which tend to be where infections arise.

Healthy Skin

Clary Sage essential oil contains an ester called linalyl acetate that helps to heal rashes and reduce skin inflammation. It also helps to regulate and balance the production of the natural oils inside the skin and makes skin look beautiful and young.  It can be mixed along with a carrier agent such as almond or coconut oil in order to facilitate maximum beneficial effects and absorption.

Reduces Flatulence

Clary Sage oil has carminative properties that help to eliminate gas very quickly.  It creates an environment conducive to allowing one to pass excess gas, which helps to reduce the feeling of being bloated. The oil also works to inhibit the formation of gas, to begin with....you're welcome :)

Eliminates Odor

Clary Sage oil is a much better option as a deodorant because when used in diluted form, it works as a very effective deodorant that does not produce any negative side effects.  Side effects are lowered because it is plant-based and there is the added bonus that it doesn’t negatively impact the environment.

Lowers blood pressure and promotes restful sleep

If used for aromatherapy, it was learned that clary sage essential oil has the ability to lower blood pressure and can foster relaxation.

For people suffering from insomnia, the clary sage essential oil can be diffused in the room before bedtime to encourage relaxation, reduce restlessness, and help them sleep better.

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