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Can frankincense get you high
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Can frankincense get you high

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What is frankincense myrrh oil

frankincense oil wholesale - ChinaplantoilFrankincense, as a viscous resin secreted by small but hardy Boswellia trees that grows in the harsh deserts of Somalia and Saudi Arabia, has been harvested by Somalis, Arabs and Bedouins for thousands of years.

Frankincense is one of the main medicinal materials used in the world to diffuse the fragrance through the environment and use a gentle smell.

Its original French name is Franc encens, which literally means "pure incense", that is, "pure incense."

Like myrrh and benzoin, frankincense has always been a precious aromatic substance in ancient cultures such as Sumer (Iraq region of the Mesopotamia), Babylon, Egypt, Assyria, Phoenicia, Greece and Rome. It has become a classic of their cultural and soul scent, and modern Judaism and Christian societies have also inherited this characteristic.

Frankincense oil has the dual effects of lifting and stabilizing

Inhaling the strong but sweet balsamic scent of frankincense can lead to a state of concentration and contemplation or meditation, which is very suitable for rituals that invite gods to enlighten.

Through the breathing method during spiritual meditation or simply inhaling its fragrance, we can connect with the spirit and the gods without leaving our body.

Frankincense is an aromatic medicinal material related to all spiritual inspiration and breathing, allowing us to connect to larger and purer substances and energy than ourselves.frankincense myrrh oil manufacturer - Chinaplantoil

Frankincense can promote the integration of two basic life movements: the upward movement through the release of transcendence and the downward movement through the inner manifestation. Analyzing these polarities into a whole, this sacred essential oil can help us connect the secular and the sacred, the self and the spirituality, and connect people and the universe.

The application of natural frankincense oil in cosmetics and medicine

Frankincense resin was also an important fragrance material in perfume, hygiene, skin care and medicine in most ancient cultures.

Resins such as myrrh, white rosin and frankincense are widely used in secular and sacred occasions, including extensive use in personal and social fragrances.

Some of the use of frankincense in beauty care and perfume still exists today, which can be traced back to the highly developed Sumerian civilization of 3000 or 4000 BC.

The application of frankincense in cosmetics can be traced back to the ancient Egyptian eye shadow (kohl), which is a black eyeliner made by grinding and burning several resins to burnt black. It was originally used to avoid the influence of evil eyes.

Frankincense is also used in multi-component ointments to make hands fragrant. According to the ancient Greek historian Herodotus, the Greeks even used melted frankincense as a depilatory cream.natural frankincense oil price - Chinaplantoil

The way of using frankincense in Chinese medicine is mainly for external use in the case of pain or tissue trauma. In the field of traditional Chinese medicine, it is usually blended with other drugs to make ointments, plasters or liniments to relieve pain, inflammation and bleeding from injuries, as well as ulcer, arthritis, rheumatism, or menstrual-related pain.

The healing of frankincense essential oil

Frankincense, this "pure incense" can help us transcend worldly considerations and solve especially anxiety and worries. In the process of helping us to get rid of the unfavorable worldly environment temporarily, it can be an effective alleviator when the soul shows pain, weakness, and the passing of life.

This includes long-term mental or physical pain, including pain caused by chronic or severe illness, long-term grief from loss of loved ones, depression of hopelessness and despair, fatigue or nervous breakdown, and suicidal tendencies.

Under these conditions, frankincense can help support the sufferer by maintaining the balance between the mind and soul, and regain the positive feeling of connecting with others, even if the past hurts, mistakes and traumas remain, even if the person’s heart is inherently weak.

Frankincense can help us connect the secular and the sacred, the actual self and the spiritual self, connecting people and the universe.

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