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Are limes essential oil good for you
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Are limes essential oil good for you

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Bitter orange is also called lime. Lime is not used for eating but used for medicine. Chinese medicinal material "Fructus Aurantii" is also this thing. And the flowers, leaves, and fruits of the same plant can produce fascinating essential oils.

Bitter orange is a treasure all over

The peel, flowers, leaves and immature fruits of bitter orange can be processed and utilized. Especially its high-quality neroli oil (Neroli) is most readily used in the fragrance industry. In the famous cologne water, it is used as a base incense. In the process of distilling neroli oil, bitter neroli hydrosol with a pleasant fragrance is also produced. lime seed oil manufacturers - Chinaplantoil

The branches and leaves of bitter orange and the immature fruit can be used to extract the essential oil of bitter orange leaves. People can also use ordinary juice production technology to squeeze the peel of bitter orange or ordinary orange to obtain vegetable oil for the production of natural skin care products. Dried bitter orange peel can also be used as an appetizer.

What is bitter orange

The essential oil from the fruit of bitter orange is called bitter orange. Among the essential oils of the citrus genus, the taste of orange is more restrained, while the smell of orange is very lively. Bitter orange is more delicate than sweet orange. It is simple One of the representative essential oils of terpenes.

The benefits of petitgrain leaveslime peel oil suppliers - Chinaplantoil

The essential oil from the leaves of the bitter orange tree is called Petitgrain, which is the representative essential oil of esters. The price is higher than that of the fruit. It has a fresh and tender character and has a very clean taste. It is very suitable for men to use, such as adolescent acne. Friends, you can mix it in the facial cleanser, because orange leaf essential oil does not need to be mixed in the cream. Friends who have acne may wish to try it.

The effects of bitter orange blossom

The essential oil from flowers is called Neroli bigarade, which is the representative essential oil of monoterpene alcohol. The price is extremely high because of the precious neroli. The physiological effects of orange blossoms are similar to orange leaves, and this extreme feeling is very much like shaking your heartstrings and speaking to you softly. This kind of quietness is not as strong as sandalwood, but it is very penetrating and makes people feel calm.

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