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Angelica Oil
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Angelica Oil

Product details:Angelica root Oil,100% pure, natural
Aroma: Earthy aroma
Botanical name:Angelica archangelica
Country of origin:Guizhou,China
Method of extraction:Steam distillation
Part of the plant used:Roots
Crop season:All Year
Main Constituents:a-pinene,delta-3-carene
Product Description

Angelica Root Essential Oil is steam distilled from the dried roots of the Angelica plant. Essential oils that come from the roots are good for grounding and support. These essential oils have an earthy aroma, and are reminiscent of the essence and stillness of ancient forests.In China, Angelica Root is known as the "female Ginseng". It is used for "women's troubles" relating to menstruation and menopause and to help with problems of the heart and circulation. Angelica is considered to be a very powerful lymph and blood purifier.

Benefits of Angelica root Oil:

1.Angelica root Oil helps remove old, false limiting beliefs that we may hold that bind us. When we are looking for an essential oil to help us feel more free and open energetically and spiritually, Angelica Root will open the temple doors for us.

2.Angelica root Oil assists the user to be open to the angelic realm, source energy and higher self.

3.A drop or two on the soles of the feet before bedtime can be a wonderful sleep aid and also call in beautiful dreams. A little of this oil goes a long long way.

4.We have also found Angelica Essential OIl to have a protective quality about it. The fragrance of Angelica essential oil may help release negative feelings from traumatic events.