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What Is Castor Oil? Where Is It From?
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What Is Castor Oil? Where Is It From?

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Simply put, castor oil is a vegetable oil derived from the castor bean, or ricinus communis. Generally found in Eastern Africa, the Mediterranean Basin, and parts of Asia, the castor bean is also grown in tropical regions around the world.When pressed into oil, it has a slightly yellow-ish color.

Used as far back as 4000 B.C.Castor oil was thought to have been used by ancient Egyptians to fuel lamps.In fact,Cleopatra --one of the greatest beauty influencers of all time– was said to have been one of castor oil’s first champions, using it to brighten the whites of her eyes.Since then, castor oil has been used in everything from motor lubricants to paints, but don’t let that scare you off for reaping the benefits of using castor oil for your face.

Benefits of Castor oil castor-oil

1.     Clears Acne

The problem with most beauty products is that they strip the oil out of your skin. Each time your skin is robbed of oil, it compensates for the lack of moisture by producing more oil which leads to oily and inflamed skin that triggers acne. Don’t be afraid of applying oil to your skin.The essential fatty acids that castor oil contains help in restoring the skin’s natural moisture balance.Apply castor oil gently on your face and massage in circular motions.You can even leave it overnight and wash off in the morning.You can also use steam to open your pores and help your skin absorb the oil better.

2. Strengthens Hair at the Root

We all crave those long, bouncy locks, but if hair isn’t strong from the root,we’re never going to reach those lengths.But adding a good dose of castor oil to your haircare regime can help to strength the hair at the root and keep the scalp healthy, which in turn, leads to Blake Lively worthy hair. Swap your usual shampoo and conditioner for Shea Moisture’s Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strengthen & Restore Shampoo and Jamaican Black Castor Oil Rinse Out Conditioner and wave bye bye to breakage.

3. Boosts Brows and Lashes

We all love a good old brow and lash boost remedy, so you’ll be excited to know that castor oil can help to boost the health of everyone’s favourite facial features. The high fatty acid content of the oil is like a morning latte for brows and lashes, leaving them energised and strong. Simply brush over morning and evening with a spoolie or cotton bud.

4. It's an Ati-Inflammatroy

Inflammation might sound like an ailment that needs medical attention, but it is actually the root cause of many at-home-treatable hair and skin woes. Castor oil is a natural anti-inflammatory, making it great for warding off problems associated with inflammation, such as dandruff, sunburn, psoriasis, and acne. By applying a few drops to the affected area, the oil can help to reduce pain, irritation, and swelling.

5. Improves Sleep

Insomnia is nothing new, but the stressful and blue screen-heavy lives most of us lead today seem to have increased the prevalence of sleeping troubles. Many people turn to sleeping pills, but natural options may be safer, especially over longer periods. The consumption or topical application of castor oil may help with relaxation which can improve sleep.

6.Treats Arthritis

Some natural health practitioners claim castor oil could alleviate joint pain caused by arthritis. Once again, the anti-inflammatory properties of the oil supply this benefit, and animal and test-tube studies support the theory that ricinoleic acid can reduce pain and swelling (much as it does for sunburns) caused by rheumatoid arthritis cells. Both massaging the joints with castor oil and drinking a few teaspoons in warm water can have beneficial effects.

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