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Free Sample Bulk Organic Aloe Vera Essential Oil,Yuanjian Company Supply Top Quantity Alvo Oil

Free Sample Bulk Organic Aloe Vera Essential Oil,Yuanjian Company Supply Top Quantity Alvo Oil

Basic Information: Other Name: Aloe vera oil CAS: 85507-69-3, 287-390-8 Main Content: ≥58% linoleic acid Appearance: Yellow liquid Origin: China, America Extraction Method: Steam distillation Plant Used: Stem Purity: 100% Pure OEM: YES Organic: YES Sample: Free Function of Aloe Oil:...
Product description

Basic Information:

Other Name: Aloe vera oil

CAS: 85507-69-3, 287-390-8

Main Content: ≥58% linoleic acid

Appearance: Yellow liquid

Origin: China, America

Extraction Method: Steam distillation

Plant Used: Stem

Purity: 100% Pure


Organic: YES

Sample: Free

Function of Aloe Oil:
1.Regenerating and rejuvenating beauty serum
2.Luxury body oil for face and body
3. Nutritional rehabilitation creams, cleansing creams and lotions
4. Sunscreen for body after-sun
5. Massage oils
6.Moisturizing lip balms and other preparations for skin care.

Application of Aloe Oil:
1. Massage Oil
Aloe vera oil can be used as a massage oil. It penetrates well and make the skin very smooth.
2. Healing Skin Wounds
Aloe vera oil provides nutrient for healing the wound. One can apply it on a wound, cut, scrape or even a bruise. It promotes the skin to heal faster and it helps in reducing the scar also .
3. Dermatitis
Aloe vera oil is an anti-irritant. It provides  nutrients for the skin, especially amino acids,  as the aloe vera gel is rich in amino acids, the aloe vera oil (CAS 100084-89-7) can apply this amino acids directly for relief of eczema and psoriasis.
4. Pain Relief
Aloe vera oil is used in compositions of pain relief.  It can be used as a home remedy to alleviate pain by combining with essential oils of eucalyptus, lemon, peppermint and calendula. The recommended dosage of aloe vera oil is 3 ounces.
5. Hair Care
Aloe vera oil can be used for scalp and hair care. It reduces dandruff and conditions the hair. The ghritkumari oil can assist hair growth, keep the hair strong. And it  can  improve the faculties of the mind through the scalp massage of this oil. It also helps in psoriasis of the scalp. A few drops of tea tree oil and aloe vera oil together can  make the mixture become a powerful ingredient for dealing with fungal scalp infections.
6. Cold Sore
Apply a small amount of aloe vera oil or gel onto the cold sores, it aids the body in drying out the sores, like witch hazel. This oil can  prevents the blisters to weep then leading much painful if use it earlier. This works because of the compound aloe emodin, which has been proved to exhibit anti-viral effect against herpes virus . Aloe Vera oil also helps in healing herpes and shingles lesions.
7. Facial Oil
The aloe vera oil  moisturizes the skin and keeps it strong and supple. Aloe Vera oil provides many nutrients directly to the skin. However, it might not be good for acne prone skin as the carrier oil may be comedogenic.  In that case, one should look out for aloe vera oil.
8. Insect Bites
Because of its anti-inflammatory effect, it reduces swelling and inflammation caused by insect bites, such as bites from bees and wasps.
9. Dental Care
Aloe Vera nutrients have been identified to aid in peridontal disease. One can use aloe vera essential oil as a massage oil for the gums and teeth to keep them healthy and lower the risk of dental problems like caries, plaque and gingivitis.

Shipping & Storage:
Delivery: Sea/Air shipping & International Express
Shipping Time: 2-3 working days after payment
Package: 30ml /50ml/100ml: amber glass bottles, 1kg/5kg: aluminum drums.
25kg plastic barrels(30cm(length)*26cm(width)*42cm(height))
180kg Tinning iron drums (56cm(diameter )*90cm(height))
Storage: Kept away from strong light and heat.
Shelf Life: 24 months

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