Best Quality Organic Pumpkin Seed Oil Hair Loss

Best Quality Organic Pumpkin Seed Oil Hair Loss

Basic Info. Model NO.: FQT-Cooking oil-002 Certification: ISO Packing: Plastic Storage Method: Normal Extraction Process: Physical Application: Beauty, Edible Raw Material: Plants Type: Plant Extract Oil Variety: Pumpkin Seeds Oil Extraction Method: Cold Pressing Name: Pumpkin Seeds Oil Use...
Product description

Basic Info.

Model NO.:FQT-Cooking oil-002



Storage Method:Normal

Extraction Process:Physical

Application:Beauty, Edible

Raw Material:Plants

Type:Plant Extract Oil

Variety:Pumpkin Seeds Oil

Extraction Method:Cold Pressing

Name:Pumpkin Seeds Oil

Use Scope:Food, Essential Oil

Cultivating Types:Non-Gmo

Feature:Organic, Vitamins, Low-Fat, Sug

Specific Rotation:1.4660 _ 1.4740

Export Markets:Global

Product Name: Pumpkin Seed Oil (Cucurbita pepo)

Source: Pumpkin seed oil is obtained from the extraction of pumpkin seed.

Characteristics: Cold-pressed oil:  Brown, red and greenish oily liquid, insoluble in water, soluble in ethanol.
Refined oil: light yellow oily liquid, insoluble in water, soluble in ethanol.

Applications: Be widely used in food, health food and cosmetic industry.
Content:  LA 40.0-65.0%

Additional Info.





Production Capacity:500000 Tons Per Year


1)Biggest Manufacturer Of Wheat Germ Oil in Asia.
2)Competitive Price
3)Extraction under low temperature
4)High quality without solvent residue
5)Advanced production equipment


1)  Cold pressed Pumpkin Seed Oil
2)  100% Natural and Organic Pumpkin seed oil / Pumpkin seed extract
3)  Free Sample
4)  LA 40.0-65.0%


Pumpkin seed oil is rich in many nutrients including vitamin A, vitamin E, Zinc and precious omega 3 and omega 6. Pumpkin seed oil contains male hormone activator that can prevent prostate and improve male sexual function, so it is especially known as male healthy nutritional oil.


1. Linoleic acid C18:2  40.0-65.0%
2. Palmitic acid C16:0  8.0-15.0%
3. Stearic acid C18:0  3.0-8.0%
4. Oleic acid C18:1  15.0-35.0%


1. Prevents and Cures Prostate Disease, improves sex function
2. Lowers cholesterol and prevents cardiovascular disease
3. Lowers blood sugar, has the effect in treatment diabetes
4. With the function of treating malnutrition, whooping cough and hemorrhoids

Acid Value≤4.0mgKOH/g
Peroxide value≤10.0meq/kg
Taste and Odourtypical taste of the oil, mild with no bitter after taste
ClarityClear and transparent
Moisture and Volatile≤0.20%
Insoluble impurities≤0.20%
Fatty Acid:
Palmitic acid C16:08.0-15.0%
Stearic acid C18:03.0-8.0%
Oleic acid C18:115.0-35.0%
Linoleic acid C18:240.0-65.0%
Safety Items:
Pesticide residueNegative
Aflatoxin B1≤2μg/kg
Heavy Metals
Shelf Life:     24 months from the production in original package. Once opened, the drum should be re-sealed, with nitrogen and the oil should be used within 6 months, preferably in 3 months.
Storage:        cool, dry place and protected from heat and light.
Packing size:   net 20kg or 190kg drum.
Application Area:
Food: as the cooking oil for cold foods or salad oil
Pharmaceutical: in Soft gel capsule as a medicine to prevent arteriosclerosis and regulate cholesterol levels.

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