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100% Pure Refined Grape Seed Oil T With Competitive Price 85594-37-2,Grape Seed Oil For Skin

100% Pure Refined Grape Seed Oil T With Competitive Price 85594-37-2,Grape Seed Oil For Skin

Basic Info. Model NO.: 85594-37-2 Product Name: Grape Seed Oil CAS: 85594-37-2 Appearance: Ye Llow Liquid Category: Natural Plant Extracts Market: Global Export Markets: Global Additional Info. Trademark: SMQ Packing: Foil Bag /Camouflage Standard: GMP Origin: China HS Code: 30012000 Production...
Product description

Basic Info.

Model NO.:85594-37-2

Product Name:Grape Seed Oil


Appearance:Ye Llow Liquid

Category:Natural Plant Extracts


Export Markets:Global

Additional Info.


Packing:Foil Bag /Camouflage



HS Code:30012000

Production Capacity:1000/Kg

Product Description

Product Description
Basic Info.
Model No.: 85594-37-2
CAS: 85594-37-2
Einecs No: 287-896-9
MW: 428.65
Purity: 99%
Linoleic Acid (%): 70 ~ 76
Grade: Natural Plant Extract; Flavors & Fragrances
Export Markets: Global
Additional Info.
Trademark: Saichuang
Packing: Well Pachaged
Standard: Grape seed oil USP
Origin:  China
Production Capacity: 5000kg
Product Description
Grape seed oil for Cooking Cosmetics and Dissolved steroids

Quick Detail:
Grapeseed oil is extracted from the seeds of grapes, typically wine grapes.

Alias: Vitis vinifera
Model No.: 85594-37-2
Einecs No.: 287-896-9
Appearance: Pale Yellow Liquid
MW: 428.65
Refractive Power: 1.470-1.475
Purity: 99%
Relative Density (20 ) 0.915 ~ 0.925
Refractive index (20 ) 1.4700 ~ 1.4750
Linoleic acid (%) 70 ~ 76
Grade: Natural Plant Extract; Flavors & Fragrances
Storage: The oil should be stored at a cool and dry place, protected from light.
Shelf life: The shelf life of the oil is two years if unopened in the original package. Once opened the oil should be
Blanketed under nitrogen and used within six months.
HS Code: 3001200010
Production Capacity: 500 Tons/Month
Application areas:
CPE grape seed oil is widely applied in food, nutritional supplement, and food additives, cosmetic raw material as well as medical intermediate.


Can be used as an ingredient in salad dressings and mayonnaise and as a base for oil infusions of garlic, rosemary, or other herbs or spices. It is also excellent for use in baked goods, pancakes, and waffle.

Resist free radical prevent the precipitation of Melanin and aging.

Potential medicinal benefits
1. Provide protection against cellular and tissue damage caused by free radicals.
2. Grape seed oil can boost the health of the heart and the cardiovascular system by lowering the level of bad LDL cholesterol.
3. Help to improve circulation and alleviate conditions like, varicose veins, spider veins and hemorrhoids.
4. Grape seed oil has anti-inflammatory properties, for which it can provide relief against pain and swelling caused by arthritis.
5. Preventing colon, prostate, stomach, breast and lung cancer cells. Antioxidants found in grapeseed extract, help in preventing cancer.
6. Grape seed oil can also prove beneficial in conditions like, asthma, allergies, acne and dermatitis.
7. Helps in keeping arteries clear.
8. Preventing any cell membrane related injuries

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Product name
AppearanceWhite crystalline powder
Conform with standard IR
Conform with standard HPLC
SolubilityFreely soluble in methanol,acetone,ethanol and tetrahydrofuran.And very soluble in acetonitrileComplies
Total Impuritymax.0.5%0.18%
Total Unspecified Impuritymax. 0.2%0.08%
Individual unspecified impurltymax. 0.1%0.05%
Related compound Bmax. 0.2%0.07%
Related compound Cmax. 0.2%0.04%
Related compound Dmax. 0.1%0.05%
Related compound Emax. 0.1%0.06%
Limit of cyclohexanemax. 0.08%ND
Limit of ethylacetatemax. 0.1%0.07%
Melting point81.0~82.0°C82.5~83.2°C
Watermax. 0.3%0.21%
Residue on ignitionmax. 0.1%0.07%
Heavy Metalsmax.0.001%Complies

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